Chapter 19.5: Rotten Beast

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yesterday I was super busy but  was eager to keep up with my daily posting schedule.  That's how we ended up with a half chapter for today (because chapter 19 was incomplete). To compensate, tomorrow's chapter will be longer than usual, very exciting, and will be the sort of important chapter that moves the plot along to where it needs to go.

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  Share your thoughts lovelies!!!!rjvhnkksshmokewipkgsjjdyhssfjfsfg

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Chapter 19.5: Rotten Beast

My legs were numb after sitting on the library floor for so long with Nava. It was ten minutes before noon and I hurried towards my next destination. Nava puzzled me. She was too intelligent to be naive, but so honest it seemed as if she didn't understand the value of information. It was like she hated keeping secrets.

It had made my work easy, but I fretted that I had missed something, that I was walking right into a trap.

I had worn wide sleeves, so that when I raised my arm, they slipped down, revealing the bruises I had painted on them this morning. Nava would have also seen the marks along my neck, and the extra redness on my cheek that looked as if I attempted to camouflage it with powder.

I hoped she thought that I had taken quite the beating.

"If I'm honest, I can hardly remember why Waryn hates me," I told her, when I knew she would listen. "I recall us playing together, but I was told he was a prisoner, so I felt superior to him. I was very young."

Perhaps I made a mistake, phrasing it that way, because something in Nava's face darkened. "You want to tell me that you don't remember pushing his arm into the candle? Or setting the hounds on him?"

"How could I have? I was too young to do such things."

"You put dead rats in his bed and broken glass in his shoes. You prevented him every letter from home and told him that his family abandoned him, that he would die soon in Desmelas. Twice, you stole documents from your father's study and hid them under Waryn's bed and they beat him for it every time. Oh, and there was that time, just before he was meant to leave, he tried to hit you. Then, the next day, he was thrown into a filthy, cold jail for three weeks. You came to gloat every single day."

"Is that what he says happened?"

"Oh, he believes it."

"But you don't?"

Nava wasn't sure she trusted me. I could tell by the way she avoided looking at me. "Like you said, you were barely seven. I know children of that age. They can be fiends, but such actions would frighten them. Something doesn't add up. You were the face, but who was standing behind you?"

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