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the new girl at monster high ( Deuce and holt love story)

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                                                          the new school

it was the day of my new school but the only thing is everyone will be calling me the new kid which is great.

after i got out of bed and did my hair, teeth and wash and dress and my school bag i was all ready for school. i went out my house door then walked to school. once i got there everyone was looking at me maybe it was cause i was new but whatever the reason is i don't like people watching me. i went into the school and looked in every door to see if the head master was there...well if it is a him. i kept on looking for 20 minutes but nothing so i gave up so i just asked the teenagers who are at this school after i finished talking to them they told me  to walk left then go to the right hand side then you will see the office so i did what they told me then i saw the office. i knocked on the door then went in. "hi miss i'm the new girl Danielle" i said in a sweet voice. "nice to meet you Danielle. heres your timetable. i will show you to your first class". i just nodded then we walked out of her office and into the hall we walked for about a few minutes until we got to the class room i looked behind me to see she wasn't there anymore but there was a letter i pick it up and read it, it said:

" Dear Danielle sorry i had to go back to my office for work if you need anything you know where my office is"

i pick the letter in my school bag then went in everyone was looking at me when i got inside. "hi i'm the new girl sorry i'm late" the teacher just nodded then he spook "why don't you tell us a little about yourself". i just nodded then i spook. "hey i'm Danielle. " i'm pretty weird and random" "my hobbies are joking about, art, acting and dancing, skateboarding, listing to music and making new friends" " my dislikes are...well i don't have much dislikes but i really hate it when people bully others and i guess thats it" i said with a smile. "very good i'm mr where. you may sit beside frankie" once mr where said that frankie put her hand up then i wlked to the seat and sat beside her, i looked at her and she smiled i smiled back at her.

                                                    heath burns point of view

"hey check out the new girl" i said to the guys " i got to say the new girl is pretty cute" deuce said to us. "cute? she's not cute she is hot!" holt said really loud that everyone could hear. after holt said it the new girl Danielle looked at holt, holt was blushing by then but Danielle just smiled then turned back to mr where.

                                              Danielle point of view

i was listing to mr where which was boring! but then i heard someone said the new girl is cute then i heard another guy say she's not cute she's hot so i turned around to see who it was but who i saw was really cute he started to blush but i just smiled at him then turn back around frankie saw me. "hey Danielle right" i just nodded. "he fancys you" she said smile. "h-how do you know". "because he said you were hot" i blushed at this but i smiled

                                                      class finished

after class was finish i had music class. but the only thing is everyone left but frankie and that guy who i think is cute. "hey Danielle what class do you have next?" frankie asked me. "i have music class next" "oh i know who has music next holt do you have music next?"  frankie asked that guy holt. " you bet i do" " can you show Danielle to your class?" frankie asked him. " sure i will" Holt said then put his arm on me i just looked at him and he smiled i just blushed then we went to the next class. " so what monster are you?" holt asked me when we were in the hall way. "oh i-i don't know yet" " don't worry you'll find out one way or another" holt said smiling. once we got to class we had to work on the laptops to make music up so i made a song what is called calling all the monsters it gos like: 

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