Part 20 ; Proposal

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*Y/n Pov*

When I wake up from my sleep, I was at unfamiliar bedroom. Where am I now?? Who owns this bedroom?? My head hurts so much to remember what happened about last night but I'm sure I drank a lot of alcohol.

Why??? And what happened last night?? Wait a minute.. Where are my clothes!!?? Oh my God!! No way.. No wayyy I was sleep with someone last night!?

I quickly pulled out a blanket to cover my exposed body and immediately took off my clothes on the floor mixed man's clothes. I tried to get out of this bedroom however my joints feel very painful to move.

But who would have thought when we heard a voice that we recognised suddenly?? "Y/n, where you want to go??" My body freezer for a few moments when I heard that voice before I turned to look at him.

No no no.. It's Jungkook.. I slowly turned my body to look at him. "Y/n, please let me explain what happened last night"

Jungkook tried to approach me but I took a few steps back to avoid him. "You want to say what happened last night was a mistake!?"

"Baby, please listen to me first~!" Said Jungkook. "Why do I need to hear an explanation from you!? What have you wanted from me all this time!!!?"

"You ruined my life a year ago and now, you still want to ruin my life again!!? Isn't that enough for you!!? Why not just kill me, JEON JUNGKOOK!!"

I just let my tears fall into my cheeks. Why Jungkook never stopped running my life? I took a few steps towards the exit of Jungkook's bedroom but his grip on my arms stopped my step out.

"Aouhh, let me gooo! You hurt me!" I tried to break free from Jungkook's grasp but my strength didn't match with his strength.

"Y/n, please! I'm willing to take responsibility for what happened last night but please don't leave me again." Jungkook said in a sad tone and slowly he knelt down in front of me.

I can't say anything anymore, is he proposing to me right now? "Will you marry me again??" I freezer for a few moments when he show me a ring in front of me.

That was my wedding ring with Jungkook before I threw it away before but how did he find the ring again? I quickly released my hand from his.

"This should never happen again or happen in a dream because it's all been more than a nightmare for me now" I said while giving a sharp reflection at Jungkook.

I know my words can make he so shocked and hurt until he can't say anything else. "Why I need to reiterate this black history that has caused me skills much suffering. Do you think I should accept your proposal again after what you did to me a year ago?"

*A Few Weeks Later, A/N Pov*

"I didn't think you wanted to propose to my daughter, Taehyung" Mr.Lee said to Taehyung while giving a cheerful smile.

It doesn't matter that there is still a young man who want to love and marry his widowed daughter at a young age.

"Yes, I have loved y/n for a long time but haven't had the chance since she was married so I don't want to interfere with their relationship but now, I don't want to wait or hold back my feeling towards y/n"

Mr.Lee and his wife were shocked to hear words coming out from a young man like Taehyung. "We agree to make you our son in law but we can't answer yes to you because we don't know if y/n will accept your proposal, Tae~"

Mrs.Lee say to Taehyung as she give a soft smile "I'll try to persuade y/n to marry me, Mrs.Lee" Taehyung said while smiling at Mr.Lee and his wife.

Your mother saw you standing on the stairs and gave you a smile. "Oh, here you are my dear y/n~" You just stood on the stairs because you heard Taehyung talking to your parents.

You are so shocked until you can't longer say a word out of you mouth. No way.. Is Taehyung joking around with your parents now??

"Honey, why you just standing there? Come and sit with us here" Your father said to you and you just follow what your father say then sit besides your mother.

When Taehyung wants to talk to you about something and you can guess what he wants to talk about. "We need to talk now" You said in a slightly harsh tone to him and stood up to find a place to Taehyung.


"What's wrong with you!!??"

*to Be Continued*

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