Viewpoint of Tom

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Their training was now finished, with the manager of the project leaving them. Tom had found the creator – despite the brief look they'd had with it – the most interesting part of all this.

Of course, he felt it was insane that this was real, that they were the only ones here within Bristol, and that they could do whatever they wanted, but there was also a lot that could be done in manipulating the world through the creator.

It wasn't just for making races as Lewis had so wrongly stated.

But that was all he would do with it while they were here. That, and anything they decided they wanted to do that needed to use it.

Tom had been paired with Duncan for the training, and they would remain as a pair for the introduction of the video as they went to the pub they had agreed to be at. Duncan's suggestion that the others have a race to the pub they'd be at had been agreed to, which meant Tom could have plenty of time within the creator.

Planning would then continue at the pub once that race was over. It'd be a nice chill time just hanging out before, as Leo rightly said, it all got crazy.

He and Duncan walked away on the north-west path of Queen Square that would lead them to Anchor Road.

"So... The Sugar Loaf," Tom said as they walked through Thunderbolt Square. "How far away is it?"

"Only about ten minutes by car," Duncan replied. "Around half an hour if we were to walk it."

"And what would be the fastest way to get there?"

"Are you suggesting we just warp there?

"Why wouldn't we? Unless you want to mess around with something?"

"Well, I was thinking we could take a bus. Except this one will be going a lot faster, as I'll be driving. And on the motorway."

"Is... that a good idea?"

"It'll be one of the better buses."

"Bring one into this world, then, and meet me at the nearest bus stop."

Duncan stopped to scan through the menus with his wrist controller as Tom continued walking. Crossing over Anchor Road, he passed Just Chips on his way to the nearest bus stop. As he stood waiting, he turned to where Duncan had been to find he had disappeared.

It seemed he had something planned.

Tom stood waiting for another minute, and was at the point of wondering whether Duncan had abandoned him to get to the pub first when it appeared around the bend of the road.

"What have you done?" he marvelled at the lunacy of it.

The bus looked just like any other you would find around the streets of Bristol, except for the fact Duncan had put a load of flame decals in various shades of orange, red, and black all the way around it.

Duncan pulled the bus up to him and stopped, where he was still staring in shocked surprise as the doors opened.

"Are you getting on?" Duncan asked. "I can't wait all day, sir."

The inside was just as lunatic as the outside, with all the seats having been removed in favour of two three-seat sofas on each side, as well as a few armchairs facing forward.

"Is the price going to be more expensive, since this isn't a standard fare?" Tom asked as he stepped on board.

"Price is free. This is the chill bus," Duncan said. "There's a cold drinks storage at the back, but I wouldn't recommend going there while we're at speed."

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