Episode 8: A Kiss Worth Too Much for This World

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"Can you get Yama-senpai for me, Momo-chan?" Yuu asked quietly during lunch.

"I got work though. I'm pretty sure Yama-senpai does too." Tomo was leaning back, holding his lunch because Suzuki was trying to take the eggrolls from him. Ichirou-san had made him lunch every day since the day he made it that one time when Ken slept over.

"I'll come with you."

"I don't know, Yuu," Suzuki said as he snatched an eggroll from Tomo, who pouted at the loss. "I heard Hana-chan tell the other girls she heard Yama-senpai works as a host or something."

They both stared at Tomo.

"I can't see Momo-chan as a host. Can you, Tatsumi?"

"I could maybe see it if I squinted from a distance when Momo was still distant from everyone. But now... Hostess, maybe?"

"Momo-chan does have nice legs. And he's short enough. But he has no boobs."

Tomo's face was burning. "Why are you evaluating my body?! That's embarrassing!" Tomo was saying a bit too loudly, making classmates turn their way. "Besides," he pouted. "I'm not a girl, you know."

"Sorry, Momo-chan. We're just joking. I mean, you're legs do look great, but the rest was just me messing around."

Tomo lifted his arm to hold his sleeve in front of his face. It was more embarrassing when Yuu said he truly meant it. He could be really blunt at times.

"Why did you want to talk to Yama-senpai anyway, Yuu?" Tatsumi said, sounding like his mouth was stuffed.

Tomo lowered his arm just to see Suzuki take the last of his egg rolls.

"My food!"

"You didn't guard it, Momo."

"Tatsumi, that's kinda mean." Yuu put over one of his burgers to Tomo's lunch. They didn't look as nice as Ichirou-san's, but Airi was pretty good at cooking. From the looks of it, anyway. "Ichirou-san makes just enough for Momo-chan to feel full. He also puts thought into nutrition to make sure he eats enough. So taking all of his eggrolls mean he'd probably be starving halfway through classes."

"Really? I thought Momo just tried to diet."

"That skinny thing?" Yuu pointed at Tomo with his chopsticks as Tomo he ate the burger patty. He wondered if he should point out how rude that was. He chose not to. Yuu probably knew. It was common sense not to point with one's chopsticks, right?

"Anyway, senpai?" Tomo asked.

"I just wanted dating advice."

Tomo choked on the food he was chewing because he chuckled. Suzuki handed him his can with tea.

"Drink a little."

"I dunno if senpai is the one to ask for advice from," Tomo said once he stopped coughing and had drunk some of the tea. "His motto is 'I'm always single'. He basically goes on dates with girls and that's it."

"That's what I want advice for."

"To have a shoe thrown in your face?" Tatsumi asked in disbelief.

"Sayoko-senpai really needs to stop going on dates with senpai," Tomo sighed.

"I think it's Yama-senpai that should decline."

Suzuki had a point there. All Ken's dates had with Nomura Sayoko ended in her getting angry. So why did he keep going? It could be because Sayoko was Chika's friend. But if so Tomo wasn't sure if it was to be friends with Chika's best friend or to provoke Chika into a fight. If it was the latter, it worked. She was furious.

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