Viewpoint of Smith

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"I will now leave you to sort everything out you want to do within this video," the manager of the project said. "Give word once you want to start, and once everything is ready with the recording equipment, I will likewise let you know to start."

He then instantly disappeared, warping to the ready room to pull himself from the simulation.

Smith and everyone else knew how to warp, but it still surprised him whenever someone just looked as though they'd popped out of existence before his eyes.

They were stood in Queen Square, where all of the training had taken place. They had seen a map of the area they had to explore but hadn't been anywhere else yet.

When Lewis had first asked the three of Hat Films whether they had wanted to join him on this very interesting experience, they had instantly agreed to it. All three loved to explore around Bristol and the surrounding area, so to be able to do some more without anyone but them around had seemed like a dream come true.

But of course, they wouldn't be truly free to do as they wanted.

With ten of them within this virtual reality, they had to be doing the same thing. That wasn't a bad thing, though, as no matter what they ended up doing, it would certainly be something that they would never get away with in the real world.

"Where do we all start, then?" Lewis asked. "For the introductions."

"It makes no sense for us all to be together," Ben added, "especially if we want to show off as much of this reality in as short a time as possible."

"Well, if you want us to explore places, I'm off to a pub," Tom said. "One that's far from here."

"I can go along with that," Duncan agreed. "There's a good one called the Sugar Loaf we can go to."

"Since everyone wouldn't expect you to be doing that," Lewis stated, "it'd make for some great shock value depending on what the other two do."

The groups were one of the first things that had been sorted between them all during training. The three of Hat Films were to stay together, with the three girls of Leo, Lydia, and Bouphe joining as another. Tom and Duncan had been paired together, as had Lewis and Ben.

He had wondered when they had first met up to head to this place whether Lewis had settled for just ten people, or twelve had originally meant to be here to allow for even groups.

"If they're doing that," Lydia said, "I want in on some of that roleplay action."

"We could be at the train station," Bouphe added, "saying that we just got to Bristol."

"But I'm there to meet you because Lewis couldn't be bothered," Leo finished. "Or at least too busy," she quickly added.

"And then I can be all, I'm doing the intro! in an outraged voice," Lewis exclaimed. "I like it. We'll definitely have you introduced first. What about you three?" he then asked of Smith.

Smith looked to both Trott and Ross, unsure on a clear direction.

"Somewhere high up, maybe?" Ross considered. "Something that allows us to show off the view and the fact we're surrounded by ocean."

"Brandon Hill!" Trott enthused. "Easily accessible, allows a decent view around us, and allows us to be out in nature while the other two stay within buildings."

"I'm not exactly sure the train station could be considered a building," Bouphe said cynically.

"Within the city, then. Not enjoying the sunshine, anyway."

"We'll still be enjoying the sunshine."

"Stop raising such good points to everything I say!"

"Only when you stop trying to one-up everyone else."

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