Viewpoint of Leo

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It felt the same as real life.

But Leo knew it was just a simulation. A virtual reality.

They had been within this reality for more than an hour, where they had been training to use everything within. When they all felt prepared enough, the video planning – or as little as they had decided to do – had started up.

The idea had been for them to be in groups, at different points around this world, giving an idea as to its scale. While they had been undecided on what would happen after the first race to the pub that Tom and Duncan would be at, she had a feeling that it might be more races.

If that were to happen, she felt she would be outclassed by everyone else.

Currently she stood outside the Temple Meads train station with Lydia and Bouphe waiting for the start of the introductions.

The weather was sunny with barely any wind. Such things were controlled within the real world before they had entered, and it did make a change from the cold and bitterness outside of this reality. She knew that leaving it would be hard.

While she didn't hate winter, she much preferred the summer.

The shops were still open as they walked past them. Leo looked in on the WHSmith, then decided she wanted to take a look around.

There was no-one inside, though she had never expected such.

"Aw, look at all this stuff we can just take and use while here," she said, noticing that Lydia had looked in as well.

"Well, if there's no repercussions for the actions we take," Lydia said, walking straight for the magazines and taking one from the shelf. She opened the wrapper up and pulled the magazine out from it, leaving that wrapper on the floor, as well as the free gifts within it. "May as well take something for the journey to the pub later on."

"It'll take ten minutes," Bouphe said with amusement, having appeared at the entrance. "Are you telling me you'll be bored on that short a journey?"

"I can at least read it while in the pub," Lydia exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's fair," Bouphe conceded, walking in and picking up a magazine for herself.

The two dissolved the magazines into their inventory, then headed out. Leo took a chocolate bar, scavenged the free gifts that had included a fizzy sweet, and followed them as she unwrapped it.

Out onto the platforms, it seemed oddly quiet without any trains or other people around, but it was to be expected when they were the only ones within this reality.

"Okay, everyone," Lewis' voice sounded in Leo's ears as she munched on the sweet. "Remember the order you introduce yourselves, but only when I give the word."

Leo activated the communications to say, "Got it," then turned them off again. She heard Tom and Smith give an affirmation as well, then a few seconds later, Lewis started.

They'd have a minute before they needed to introduce themselves.

"What are you two doing?" Leo asked as she turned to face the tracks.

Both were having a race across the tracks to the other side of the station.

"Hah! Take that!" Lydia said. "You aren't faster than me at racing anything."

"I so can be," Bouphe challenged "Want a race back?"

"You'll only lose again," Lydia laughed, already hopping down onto the tracks.

Leo watched as Bouphe spawned a weapon into her hand, which she pointed across the station to the wall that Leo stood by. As a shot was fired, Bouphe turned into a shapeless energy form and zoomed across the station to the point the weapon had hit.

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