Viewpoint of Lewis

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This was a momentous occasion, not just for the Yogscast, but for the entire idea of virtual reality.

As Lewis stood, waiting for the command to start, he looked around him, impressed at just what he was partaking in. There was no headset giving him the images, no controller to dictate his actions. This was the real world, and he was in full control, yet it was still a video game environment.

At least, that was the closest he could describe it as.

The technology was beyond his understanding, even with all that he had heard about it during the planning of this little adventure. Back in the real world, those that had come were laying down with some sort of machinery placed onto their heads that put them into a comatose state while their brain functionalities were redirected into the character they controlled in the virtual reality – which themselves had been created through some complex scanning equipment that recreated a person exactly as they currently were.

He had been assured many times that every test had gone off without a problem, and he had even witnessed one such test himself.

So, while he and his Yogs-family weren't the first to have experienced this new virtual reality experience, they would be the ones who made it public.

Thankfully, they could still be themselves during the video, which would probably end up a long one.

"Everything's ready," he heard in his ear.

That would be the only communication they would hear from the real world unless a problem arose.

"Okay, everyone," he said. "Remember the order you introduce yourselves, but only when I give the word."

They all affirmed.

That was another great thing about this virtual reality system. Despite being in various locations, they could still talk to each other without needing to wear or hold any communication equipment.

They had been within this reality an hour, learning how things worked, and now they would put that to use in showing the world just what this gaming experience was.

He looked to Ben, whose eyes and ears would be the recorder for this intro, and gave the instruction that he was ready to begin.

"Hello, and welcome to another Yog Vlog! Or is it? This is Queen Square, but things do seem a little different, don't they, Ben?"

"Oh, yes they do," Ben said with a tone of great satisfaction as he lifted the gun he had spawned in. "Eat bullets, Lewis!" he yelled as he fired.

The bullets hit Lewis, and he fell. But he wasn't within that body anymore. A new body had been recreated in the ready room, which his brain functionality had swapped to. Now all he had to do was select to respawn in the place he had 'died' and he would reappear at Ben's side.

It was a near-instant process as soon as he confirmed it, and within a second he was stood once again in front of Ben, who said, "Aww... You're not dead."

"No, I'm not. That's because we're inside a virtual reality. A new type of gaming experience that has been built here in Bristol, never-before-revealed until now, and we're the ones who get to do it."

"Exciting doesn't even cover it," Ben said. "This is just super amazing and impressive and... just... We're here, in Queen Square, as though this is just normal life. Yet it's a gaming environment. It's mind-blowing beyond belief!"

"It is indeed. The technology that has gone into this is massively complex, so we wouldn't bore you all with the details, but just know that this is something that can change the gaming landscape as we know it."

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