Chapter Fifty-Four

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Back again......

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Justin's POV

"Look, just, when the fuck can I take her home?" I growled at Dr. Piekarski. I've been at this stupid fucking hospital for two God damn weeks. I haven't showered once and at the most received eight hours of sleep...altogether.

"Justin please, think about Brooke for a second." He sighed, swiveling his chair away from the computer so he faced me. My eyes formed slits as I stared coldly at him.

"I've been thinking about her every second of the fucking day! There's nothing physically wrong with her, I can fix her by myself, at my house. I'm the one she loves, I'm the one who can fix her." I pointed clearly at myself, my eyebrows forming a deep frown. Dr. Piekarski took another deep breath, turning back to the computer, pulling up some files.

"This is Brooke's brain," An odd looking coloured x-ray came up on the screen. "Here," his finger circled a small part in the corner, "is all the imformation she's missing."

"What the fuck, that part is so small." I scowled, looking closer.

"That is personal business. Everything else consists of physical, emotional, and just common sense mental things." He explained.

"Okay, that's great and all but why are you showing me this..." I trailed off. I'm not in fucking medical school I don't give a shit about how the brain works. All I care about is taking Brooke home and making her fall in love with me again.

"I'm just showing you that it is very hard to connect with this small part of the brain. You need professionals, you are not trained in this and you don't know how to repair this section of her brain." He walked past me, grabbing pieces of paper from the printer. "She needs to be with a therapist almost twelve hours of the day if she wants to get better."

"And with those other twelve hours she can be with me, in my house." I dragged out my words, trying to prove my point.

"Dr. Brian and myself were thinking of emitting her into an overnight therapy spot in this hospital. A lot of amnesia patients go there and they all come out fixed eighty percent of the time." He started walking down the hall, so I quickly followed.

"The fuck you mean 'overnight' spot? Where would I go?"

"Home, visiting hours are twice a week."

I cut him off right then in there, stepping ahead of him. "Listen here, you know that wouldn't be okay with me." I snarled, getting right up in his face. Dr. Piekarski took a step back, clearly surprised.

"I know, but I do know you really want Brooke to remember you. This could be the only way." He gently placed a hand on my shoulder, knowing that I'm just a ticking time bomb.

My mind swirled with so many different outcomes. How long would she stay here? What if she doesn't even miss me? What if I do take her home, and she never get's better? I grabbed my hair in frustration, causing Dr. Piekarski to wrap his arm around my shoulders and lead me down the hallway.

"Listen kid, I know this will be hard but it will be for the best. I can get you as many visiting hours as you please, but the maximum I can give you are twelve a day-"

"I'll take them. Twelve hours everyday for as long as she stays here." I'm used to twenty-four but I suppose I could settle.

We kept walking down the hall where Brooke's room was located near the end. My cold hand turned the stubborn knob, and I quickly rushed to be by Brooke's side. "How are you feeling princess?" I asked her, scooping her off the chair and sitting down so she was on my lap. She giggled as I did this, fucking music to my ears.

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