Chapter 62: To Accidentally Expose a Love Affair

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Hello everyone!The Rebirth of the Ill-Fated Consort is looking for translators who have a good grasp on ancient Chinese and could translate this to English. This story is about a woman who dies a tragic death and transmigrates into herself a decade ago to claim revenge for her past life. If you love sweet, domineering couples and the grand setting of ancient China, consider helping out the team with this novel! Email me at tranzgeekz[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested!

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Translated by : shl

Edited by : Anks & Ely


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Jiang Su Su extended her leg to trip Jiang Ruan. Seemingly not noticing anything, Jiang Ruan continued to get up, but inadvertently leaned to one side and managed to avoid Jiang Su Su's leg in the process. However, with this movement, she 'accidentally' collided with Jiang Li who was standing to one side. Unable to avoid the impact, Jiang Li staggered forward a few steps and just happened to bump into Jiang Su Su. Jiang Su Su had no time to react, and immediately fell head first off the boat.

At the same time, Jiang Ruan let out a startled exclamation and swiftly grabbed hold of Jiang Li, who was on the verge of following Jiang Su Su into the river. There was the sound of a splash[1] and Jiang Su Su vanished from sight.

[1] T/N - The Chinese version of 'splash' is the onomatopoeic 咚 (dong). Just for interest's sake, did you know that dogs don't 'woof' in Chinese? They go 汪 (wang). And sheep go 咩 (mie).

Jiang Ruan asked Jiang Li, who was still in a state of shock, "Is Third Younger Sister all right?"

Jiang Li shook her head. "How did I lose my balance just now?" There were so many people on the boat and she had had her back towards Jiang Ruan. Naturally, she did not know who had bumped into her. A sudden realisation struck Jiang Ruan and she called out loudly, "Help, Second Younger Sister has fallen into the river!"

On hearing her, in rapid succession, the people turned to look at the river. There was a figure bobbing up and down in the midst of the undulating waves, and it was indeed Jiang Su Su. She was totally soaked, and water kept filling her nose and mouth. Throwing decorum to the winds, she yelled, "Save me!"

There was no shortage of young noblemen on board the Qing Song Boat who could swim. Upon witnessing a beautiful damsel in distress, they were all eager to take action. But, if they really did rescue Jiang Su Su from her watery predicament, it would be tantamount to sullying her innocence, and they would definitely have to marry her thereafter. However, Minister Jiang was currently at the peak of his career, and Xia Yan's family was also on the rise. If the young man was not considered to be a good match, Minister Jiang would not be willing to marry off his daughter in this way, and so it was not certain that this would be a done deal.

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