Chapter 5

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I learned from a young age that you should pick the battles you fight. It's not because you're a coward but it's about acceptance.

You can't win a losing fight.

And one of those battles I can't ever win is competing with my twin sister, Riah.

I already settled with my mediocrity. She can have the grades, intelligence, and my mother's love.

But I'm the foolish one who tried to compete and inevitably, I lost. The only thing to do now is accept the fact that Lance belongs to Riah.

"Rhea! Hindi—"

"I'm listening, Alys. No need to shout." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Nakikinig ka ba talaga? Alam mo ilang araw ko ng pansin na para kang lutang." She pouted.

"Okay lang ako." I forced a smile to prove my point. She sighed

"Akala mo talaga maloloko mo ako?" She sneered. "Halata ko pag-iwas mo sa kanya."

My eyes drifted to hers and I let out a small smile. I didn't know I was that obvious...

"You really do know me." I teased and her frown deepened.

"Duh, you're my best friend!" She snapped. "Why are you avoiding him? Okay naman kayo last week at the cafe 'diba?"

"I just realized some things." I murmured.


"And I think I should let them be." I smiled bitterly. "I didn't want to be the stupid martyr in their story. I don't want to be that pathetic." I chuckled sarcastically.

I noticed that Alys was getting too quiet so I nudged her.

"Oh, bakit na tahimik ka?" I teased.

"Rhea, you know that I do not say this a lot but everything's gonna be alright. You'll find someone better." She consoled.

I smiled. I really hope so. I'll try to be okay until I really am.

The bell rang indicating that lunch time was over. All the students at the cafeteria stood up. Alys motioned me to stand up and I did.

"Gusto mo libre kita mamaya ng cheesecake?" Pag-aaya ni Alys habang nag lalakad kami papunta sa aming classroom.

"Bakit may kokopyahin ka na naman ba?" I joked and Alys nose flared immediately which made me laugh out loud. 

"Alam mo, ikaw! Masama ba manlibre? Hindi ba pwedeng–"


My laughter died down as I looked where the voice came from. Alys' attention was also directed to him.

"Lance." I murmured. I felt Alys holding my hand.

"Bakit ka andito?" Alys sneered at him as she lift her left eyebrow.

Lance raised a brown paper bag with the Starbucks logo on it.

"I just want to thank Rhea." His eyes drifted to me.

"Thank you for helping me. It's really going great with Riah. We wouldn't be this close if it weren't for you, Rhea." He beamed, offering the paper bag to me.

"Naalala ko sa usapan natin that you like iced coffees so I bought one as a thank you gift." His voice expressed tenderness.

He remembered.

Iaangat ko na sana ang kamay ko para tanggapin yung paper bag ngunit biglang ako hinila ni Alys palayo.

"Sorry, Lance. Bawal mag iced coffee si Rhea ngayon." Alys said sarcastically. "Hindi maganda pakiramdam niya." Pag dadahilan ni Alys.

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