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(y/n pov)

Cassie sat up in her bed and frowned. Her daddy had left her. Again. Cassie had a problem. Ever since her brand new brother was born, she'd been kicked out of her mama and daddy's room. Because he got to sleep with her instead.

And she had to sleep all by herself in her new and improved playroom.

And she wasn't allowed to sleep in her uncle Gray's room either. Because her new cousin got to sleep there.

All these babies stealing her attention.

Cassie sighed as she sat up in bed. Normally her mama came and get her. She was only 3 after all. And then her mama took her to daddy, who was always sleeping until Cassie came and woke him up.

But Cassie couldn't tell time to see that she was awake over an hour early. So she climbed out of bed and looked around. Should she brush her teeth? Well, she couldn't do it without daddy.

So she ran out of her room and into the hallway. Peeking her head into her mama and daddy's room, she could see her daddy, hugging a pillow, still fast asleep.

She thought about crawling into bed with him for a moment. And that's when she saw it.

Cassie was born in LA. In the sun. Middle of July. But a couple of months after she was born, the twins decided they wanted to go home. Back to Jersey where they grow up. They wanted their own kids to grow up there too.

So that's what they did. Moved to NJ and with baby Cassie and her cousins Jake and Justin and she got to watch her daddy and uncle build a big house. A huge house. For the whole family to live in.

And living in New Jersey meant snow came. Every year. And Cassie? Loves the snow. It was so white and pretty and her daddy always helped her make snowmen and she could lie down making snow angels forever.

Cassie loved the snow.

And she saw it. Right out of her daddy's window. The snow-covered the ground and she could see it calling. The little girl's eyes widened as she looked at it.


She ran down the hall, peeking her head into her cousin's room where he was gone. Oh right. He did that school thing.

And then her other cousin's room. He was sleeping too. Cassie sighed, running into her uncle and aunts room. Empty. Well except for the little crib right next to them where her brand new cousin slept.

Deciding everyone was downstairs, Cassie ran down, excited to tell them about the snow. It was here so early this year.

And so she slowly made her way down the stairs, holding the banister just like her mama tells her to. And once she hit the ground, she was off, running towards the kitchen.

And there everyone was. Her uncle was at the stove and her aunt was washing dishes. And her mama was sitting at the kitchen table, feeding her baby brother.

"Mama!" She screamed. Y/N looked up at her daughter and smiled before checking the time.

"Morning, angel, you're up early," She said trying to stuff another spoon of fold into her brother's mouth.

"Mama, snow!" Cassie whispered as she got close. She looked at her little brother, mouth covered in, whatever it was he was eating. "Carson, snow!" She whispered to him.

"I saw, Cass," Her mama said. Cassie looked up at her. "Why don't you go brush your teeth before breakfast?" She asked.

Cassie frowned. Was her mama not excited? Why wasn't she excited? There was snow! Cassie loved the snow. Didn't everyone love the snow?

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