Final Vowel

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"Jesus Christ," Mikasa gasped and ran to Akane's crib to grab her and ran towards the living room, where the gunshots were heard.

When she walked in the living room, blood covered the blue carpet and Eren was crying softly as 3 men stood over him. They must've heard Mikasa come in, because as soon as she walked in, their eyes landed on her and Akane. They smiled devilishly and kicked Eren one by one while walking over to Mikasa. She felt numb, she felt the men grab her when her mother and father died when she was six. 

"Kill me if you want, but leave my boyfriend and baby alone!" Mikasa roared, backing up into the kitchen, clutching onto her baby as she glanced back at Eren who held his stomach. The men smiled and grabbed Akane from Mikasa's arms. Luckily for Mikasa, she was an expert at fighting. She grabbed the man's arm and threw him to the ground, grabbing Akane before she could fall. "Anyone else want to try?!" Mikasa backed into the kitchen counter and grabbed the nearest knife. She held it up without hesitation, while holding Akane on her hip. She glared at them all and walked slowly to the man who still lay on floor, groaning in pain.

"I would like you to suffer," Mikasa bent down to his height, setting Akane down to her side and stabbed his heart slowly. She could feel ever muscle contract blood and give out as his final breathe came 15 minutes later. After she finished, she wiped off the blood from her cheek with her hand and looked back at the men. 

"Go. Leave my family alone and never come back." Mikasa picked up Akane as the men ran out of the house, picking up their fallen buddy as well. She ran to Eren's side after the men left to make sure he was ok, but from the looks of it, he wasn't doing too fresh. 

"Mikasa, please, call the doctor," Eren begged and held out his arms for Akane, preparing for his final moments. His breathing became labored as Mikasa sobbed and ran to the phone. 


"Hi! This is Mikasa Ackerman, and I need a doctor at 44 ******* Dr please," Mikasa cried into the phone. 

"Right away ma'am, he's on his way now." Mikasa hung up and lay down on the ground, not caring if the blood got on her clothes. They held onto their child and both cried softly. 

"Mikasa, I need you to listen, if I die-" 

"Don't say that Eren!" 

"Mikasa, listen. I need you to realize I've always loved you. Since the day we met, even if it wasn't in the best circumstance," they chuckled. "You are a special woman Mikasa, and I was always jealous of that, I wanted to be as strong as you, but I grew up and realized that power isn't everything. You have been the one that has kept me sane for this past year Mikasa, and I'm sorry if I ever hurt you, I know I have, but please understand I did it to protect you from me. I want you to stay strong when I'm gone, you and Akane both. I want you to tell Akane about what we went through and how it's worth it to keep going. She's got a great mother to look up to when she has good and bad times, and I know she'll turn out just like you. Mikas-" Eren suddenly stopped talking at this point and collapsed completely at this point. Mikasa was hysterical, she started to laugh as she picked up Akane. 

Five minutes later, the doctor came rushing into the door and saw the scene. He sighed and got out his equipment. 

"Mikasa, was it?" Mikasa nodded, getting up from the blood covered floor. "He's-"

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