34• You Can't Seduce a Straight Man And Turn Him Gay

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34• You Can't Seduce a Straight Man And Turn Him Gay

34• You Can't Seduce a Straight Man And Turn Him Gay

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UNFORTUNATELY, it was finals week next week. Which meant that there would be lots of exams. And lots of studying. Hence why I was begging Jesse Campbell every second of every day to please help me study for the biotech exam because I will literally die without his help. It was now Friday and after our little paint-fight on Tuesday, we'd focused way more on studying every day. Wednesday we studied after his practice at a coffee shop, Hannah joined us after a few hours. It was surprising how much Hannah didn't bother me and I was actually starting to tolerate her. So weird. And on Thursday we studied hellaciously during our shared off-period. Unfortunately, he was busy today.

The basketball team didn't have practice but there was something going on with his family. I don't know, he didn't explain it too much to me. Jesse just said he was busy, so I brushed it off and we agreed to study on Sunday when he would be free.

So for now, I had been persuaded into taking a much-needed study break by both Celeste and Alexander. We'd all been cramming separately for our own classes, but agreed that tonight, we would have a Friday-night-pamper-and-chill-moment. If that's even a thing. They arrived at my house just after 6pm.

"Cookie dough, lots of coffee and of course, sodas for the non-coffee drinkers, face masks, oh! And I brought my guitar," Alexander said, laying everything out on the coffee table in the living room.

"Aww, he's gonna serenade us tonight!" Celeste exclaimed. "Just like he did for you before he decided to be gay."

I rolled my eyes. "He is a beautiful serenader. And he didn't choose to be gay."

"Wait a minute—do you guys like terribly cheesy movies?" Alexander asked.

"Like The Kissing Booth?" I asked.

"Just like The Kissing Booth!" Alexander exclaimed.

"I love them," Celeste said. "Oh, Alexander, I could get used to having you around. I don't mind turning our duo into a trio to incorporate you."

"I've never felt more special in my life," Alexander said, holding his hand over his heart. "Okay! I am going to start getting these cookies on a pan because I expect to eat all of them tonight."

Alexander started to get the chocolate chip cookie dough out of the package while I sat down on top of the counter. Celeste was a rummaging through the large collection of face masks Alexander had brought for us. I heard the front door open.

"What kind of buffoonery is going on tonight?!" Tyler called out as he walked into the kitchen. "Ah—Alexander is here, too."

"Don't act so happy to see me, Ty," Alexander said. "Care for some cookie dough?"

Tyler shook his head but it was too late. Alexander had walked up to him and was shoving a huge ball of chocolate chip cookie dough into his mouth.

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