IX. Education Reform

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Ecclesiastes 7:12 - "Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it."

Especially now, in this day and age, I see a lot of people acting out of emotion and opinion, rather than on facts and logic. In fact, there are those even willing to compromise truth in order to preserve their own personal emotions and opinions. America seemingly goes on without any worry about our future or the education of our youth. The level of consideration for the people of the future has obviously left us. Not only has the content of our schools gone down, but the atmosphere of our schools has plummeted to an all time low, as suicide rates and bullying both rise to an all time high. The most important part of reforming our education system is our youth. The youth is what keeps the world turning and our reputations alive. Without people to keep them alive, IPhone would have died off with Steve Jobs. The same applies with any other business. We have to leave something for people to pick up. I find it very hard to trust anything to the youth when all they know are belittling memes and offensive humour. The exposure of our youth is becoming a rising problem.

The amount of explicit content in this country is definitely at a high with pornographic and other inapropiate materials appearing on things like social media and advertisements. It almost seems as if these things make the world go round. We see them everywhere from, as stated earlier, advertisements to television shows. Parents can only do so much as to shelter their children before the kids find out about these "adult things". When a child is exposed to these adult things it makes them feel like an adult which gives them a sense of authority. What they don't realise is the amount of harm early exposure to these things can lead to. The innocence of our youth is being exposed at such an early age which leads to the intimacy and exotic nature of life being eliminated which is where we get the idea that life is boring. The same thing happens when one is rapidly exposed to pornography. It leeches at the intimacy between you and your spouse which leads to expectations not being met and a boring marriage. The innocence of our youth has seemingly been swept under the rug as if it has no value anymore. I do understand, however, that when children go to school, they are not under the protective watch of their parents which opens up a whole new opportunity to be exposed to explicit content. School is probably the place where most kids learn about these explicit things which plants a seed of curiosity in the brain, which then grows because the curiosity grows uncontrollable. I understand this because I once fell victim to it. Although it seems like an unavoidable problem, there is always a solution. Perhaps the education in our country need to change, or evolve.

Our education system has evolved over the years, but sometimes I wonder if we are at a halt. Early public schools in America surprisingly did not focus on focus on reading and math, but on things like religion, family, and community. Now we focus on four core subjects, math, science, english, and social studies. These core classes have been proven to best prepare a student for his future in college and in life. Although this is true, there is a lot in schools that I feel should be taught to prepare people how to handle real life situations. Situations such as paying taxes, handling house and car expenses, how effectively apply for a job, and other things that schools do not teach. There is a lot of wisdom and life appliances that are restrained from being taught because.. well we don't know. I do agree that school does a great job in teaching work ethic and how to hold a job, but not how to get the job and manage the money you earn from that job. That is the current problem I have with our nation's education system. We focus so much on academics, but we throw them to the sharks in the real world. That it why a reform is necessary. To preserve the youth's innocence while preparing them for real life situations.

In school, the youth does not have much of a choice what classes they want to take, and they are at that age where their interests could change at any moment. Because of this unpredictability, it is very understandable why their choices are limited. I can attest to this because my interests have changed multiple times over the past few years. I used to love the outdoor sciences that have to do with things like nature and forestry, now I cannot stand my sciences classes as they are my least favourite. It is reasonable why schools only offer a select amount of classes, but how are they going to know what they like unless they explore options and take advantage of their opportunities. As a Boy Scout, I was fortunate enough to be able to explore different areas of interest, where others may not have had the same opportunities. That is where I learned I was not interested in a science field of study. Now imagine if I liked the idea of science and how it looked on the surface level, but when the work started, I abhorred it. By then it would be too late as I was enrolled in college with a major in environmental science. Then I am stuck pursuing an area of study in which I hardly enjoy which gives me a hopeless and negative view of life as I hate my job and am filled with regret. That may be why so many people are so negative these days. Maybe they didn't have the opportunity to explore their interests so they are stuck with a job they hate. We have the opportunity to change this with online schooling and many internship programs becoming a very serious option. I want to avoid going to far into this as it will be covered in a later chapter, but it is very possible to give people the chances they need to truly find what they are meant to do in their life.

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