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 Before you assume this to be a novel pointing out the flaws of America and how bad the country is as a whole, stop a minute and look at the country you live in. Is is beautiful? Can you see the lustrous hills and taste the pride? This, rather than coming from a place of hate, is coming from a place of love and hope. I love America and all that it offers, however, their are some especially prominent flaws that stand out and I seek to propose a plan to fix them. We, as Americans, are supposed to be proud of our country. We have a defining history and the power of freedom, which is a privilege not many others have. There is nothing I want more than to see this country thrive and the people happy, but sometimes I am not proud to be an American citizen. Simply because there are so many unsolved issues that smack us in the face day after day. Issues that others are complaining about. Issues that are springing America's people into chaos. Perhaps with all of the changes and new technology, a reform is necessary. Reforming this great country is a large task that will take great time and effort, but it is very attainable. How do we do this? How do we reform a great and powerful nation while still maintaining foreign affairs and keeping the best interest of the people at heart? The answer to this lies within these fourteen simple chapters made to address areas of reform as well as the very prominent problems in America.

It is only when we look at the best interest of the people, that we can truly make decisions for the better of the country. It is impossible for one person in an organization to make changes without consulting the workers and expect the workers to be compliant with them. It is the same with America. The people should be informed about and should be able to have a voice in various matters. Not that our opinions matter, but feedback is always helpful when trying to make executive decisions. The people have a lot of power when it comes to elections and putting laws into effect, but perhaps not enough consideration is put into the people's lives and how these changes will affect them and their families. We have so many freedoms bestowed upon us, but many times, we want to abuse our freedom and complain about everything we do not have. Everything requires time and study before a decision can be made. A prime example of this is rioting. After the election of President Trump, we were all able to observe the bad side of the American citizens, as they rioted and therefore had to be restrained by the police for many months. When the nation turns on itself and turns to violence for an answer, that is when the authorities lose trust for the people. Now people cannot see they have freedom of speech, because we are constantly being silenced. We are being silenced, because of our immaturity and impatience. It is understandable that everything is done for a reason, but at what cost? Our own immaturity has caused families and people to be destroyed, and our authorities are not batting an eye. We, as people, must show mercy and patience to those who make decisions, for they are not perfect and we cannot expect them to be.

This plan consists of fourteen ideas in which we need improvement because the great country of America is failing, while giving itself into the hands of the enemy. Various things of a horrible variety are being openly accepted and exalted in America, and this is what makes room for reform. When America is giving way to the very things it fought to keep out, we are turning ourselves on our heads. Giving up hope is futile when we have the answers and solutions to all these problems. Far too many give up hope so soon without trying to do anything. We must not stand idle while our own country fails. We must fight and believe that America can be resurrected from the ashes. Have hope in the future of America, for we are a powerful people.

America is currently in a state of division, and not the peaceful kind. With all of the recent political antics, the country seems to be in more division than ever before. Now we have distinct systems in which we identify people. I see a more politically driven country that wants to box people into one of two categories, Democrat or Republican. Although politics plays a good role in everyday society, perhaps we are too consumed with politics and policies, that we forget to live our lives and take the lives of others into consideration. While it is impossible to please everyone, there is a level of humanity that must be taken into consideration when making and weighing various political policies. When looking at the past, we can say with confidence that we have made great progress over the years. While some things progressed, other equally valued things regressed.

With the accessibility and technology being improved throughout the years, we have been able to make life more convenient and easy for American living. While this new convenience is very enjoyable, sometimes it feeds the plague of laziness that is present in America. Even worse, there is not any initiative to end the plague of laziness in this country. A lot of major problems we see all derive from this including, obesity and unemployment rates rising to an all time high. This is not only plaguing the educated adults in this country, but the younger generation now has a bad reputation for being lazy and having no work ethic. Although this may be true, I feel as if this title for our youth is made out of rage and resentment. Instead of planting seeds of hate in their minds, we can plant seeds of love and acceptance to see the best out of them. What may work for one generation is not guaranteed to work for the next.

As the technology and knowledge evolve, so must our strategies. This mostly applies in schools and in jobs. What worked for people twenty years ago will not work for the people of today. Pacifying your children their whole life is not the answer we need, but simply showing the necessary love and support they need may be the answer. Our youth need opportunities to spread their wings and fly. Instead, though, we see a split society. On one side, you have a good, hardworking age group, and on the other hand, our younger adults and kids are notorious for being lazy and having little to no work ethic. Often times I see the youth of this generation having to turn to a lot of outside sources for motivation rather than the ones you would expect to be role models. Meaning people are turning to celebrities and other people for motivation and a role model rather than the people dearest to us because our dearest are not living up to our expectation. If there is one very valuable lesson I have learned from other people, it is to not expect anyone to do anything for you. Although this may promote a introverted and self-centered society, do not be misconstrued. By heeding this advice, this solves two problems for us. One, it eliminates the risk of being upset by a shattered expectation. Two, it makes us not only work for what we have, but it also eliminates the pressure put on others to fulfill your expectations.

The fact of the matter is this, America is a great, but flawed country with many solvable problems, in which the answers lie within the people. Many problems do not seem to be of priority, but they are the ones plaguing the country and its people. If we can only touch on these problems, the results would be sure to resurrect America from its pile of ashes and give the people hope that America can be great like it once was. The following fourteen points will consist of the problems that seem the most prominent with simple and logical solutions. Everybody cannot be expected to agree with these, but it may spark a fire of hope in the hearts of the people to begin to consider the country you live in, America or not. My hope is that this novel brings the people hope and fills a hole of initiative to make America the great and powerful nation that it once was.

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