"This way…" He signaled the road we had to take.

I followed him silently, clasping the jacket together because it was getting colder. The jacket was considerably bigger, and it smelled like him. That sweet chocolate musky scent.

I'm being so creepy...

"Where are you from exactly?"

"California." My teeth started to chatter.

The wind was picking up and as I looked to the sky I noticed the grey clouds that were threatening to pour down soon.

Scott chuckled, "This is why you are so cold! This weather," he waved his hand all around, "is warm."

"Oh." I whispered as I looked at the dirt we were stepping on.

"You'll get used to it." He gave me a small comforting smile.


I miss my house, my dad and the Californian sun...

Would things would be different if hadn't found out?

I don't think Sam was ever going to tell me...and...I knew it wasn't the first time it happened, either. Sonya's smirk was engraved in my mind...

I shook my head trying to get rid of these thoughts, when Scott gently grabbed my arm, "are you ok?" he asked concerned.

We stopped walking; I shrugged as I fought the imminent tears that were forming in my eyes from recalling the last few weeks.

It still hurt a lot whenever I thought about Sam or Sonya, it made me sad and utterly angry at the same time...

"I've been asking you the same question three times already..." Dark chocolate eyes watched me worried.

I cleared my throat to wipe the trace of sadness from my voice, "what were you asking?"

"Why did you travel all the way from California? You don't seem actually excited about it..."

Oh...that...that's exactly what I was thinking about...

Frowning, I looked behind him because I honestly felt like he was really seeing through me and I didn't want him to see me sad, so avoiding him was the easiest way...