Reaching Out For Love

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With a sigh, Rose got up from the park bench, and slowly made her way home. She watched the birds fly from tree to tree; the rabbits chase each other, and prance around the area in front of her. She smiled while looking at little kids, running around in circles playing tag. Rose looked down at the ground and smiled lightly, wasn’t it easier back in the good old days? Playing tag with little friends, having no regrets, it was so simple back then, wasn’t it? Well being a teenager isn’t as simple as that. It’s actually quite horribly complicated. Guys like you, then they hate you, friends love you, then they leave you. Who do you trust, and who would you believe?

As she walked home, Rose watched the world around her. Cars driving, people rushing, everyone has a place to be. While Rose, she doesn’t know where she’s meant to be. Rose reads the signs; she sees the litter trashed all over the streets. This part of town, it’s the bad place. It’s the place, where if you’re out at the wrong time, then you could put your life in danger. Rose likes the adrenaline though, so she always tests her luck and walks through the alley-ways in the night, but during the day it’s safe.

Rose hummed lyrics as she walked tunes of her favourite music. Over the last few years, she started writing lyrics and poems. It was a way for her to escape reality. It was an easy escape to. “Wake up at 6am, and begin the endless cycle of life. Walking to school, a smile on your face, then you hit the gates and you’re smile disappears again. Reaching out for love, but all they do is just keep pushing you down, reaching out for a friend, but everyone’s to busy with their lives, you’re reaching out for something, but you can’t seem to find it...” The lyrics that seemed to be so close to her heart, so close to Rose’s soul.

She looked towards the starting of the rocky drive way. She looked up at the big two story high house. It had 5 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms, two lounges and 1 huge kitchen. She looked at the chipped brown paint, the cracked concrete. After so many years, the old house still stood tall, it still stood strong. She closed her eyes as she wrote that into her mind. She could use those words in lyrics later. Biting her lip, she entered her house, and looked into the first lounge. She noticed no one in there, so she slowly walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

She sat on her bed, it wasn’t comfortable, and it wasn’t soft. All is her bed consisted of was a blanket and pillow on a cold wooden floor. She closed her eyes and leaned against the black wall-papered wall. “With a sign you leave the school yard, the day has finished, and you begin to walk. You see the lives of everyone around you. But no one see’s the life that you create. Reaching out for love, but all they do is just keep pushing you down, reaching out for a friend, but everyone’s to busy with their lives, you’re reaching out for something, but you can’t seem to find it...” Rose wrote down the lyrics as they danced in her head, the words that had such a great meaning to some people’s life, the people who fight for everything. They fight for a home, they fight for love, and they fight for their life.

She looked out the window, and saw the front yard of the house next door. There were some people in suites. They looked to be real estate workers. She watched as they hammered down a sign that said for sale. Obviously the people next door were leaving. They were old people, must be around there 60’s, Rose was surprised they were still alive, they were smokers and have been smoking since they were teens. Obviously they were the lucky smokers. Rose closed her small black book, which held many lyrics, many meaningful songs, and looked at her watch. It was 6pm; she was surprised her mother hadn’t knocked on her door, asking for her to make tea.

Today she decided to be the good child, and do it without needing to be asked. She walked down the lonely staircase, and walked into the big kitchen. She grabbed a metal pan, and placed it on an element. She turned the temperature to high and looked at it for awhile. Rose grabbed some butter, and the mince, she started making the dinner. Mince wraps was going to be on the menu for her parents tonight, she cooked a little bit more, so there would be some left for her once her parents had finished. She placed it all on the table, covered it all to keep the flies off, and then walked back to her room. They would call her when she could get something to eat.

She closed her eyes as she leaned against the wall. Her mind drifted back to her childhood days. Back when she had friends, back when she had a normal life, back when Rose could be who she wanted. Now she was stuck behind bars, she was stuck watching other have fun and be who they want to be. Rose could only dream that she could be like that. Rose could only dream that one day, things would change. That one day, something would make her life turn from the darkness, to something bright, something fun, something that she always wish to be. But for now, she listened to the music playing through her ears and closed her eyes, slowly slipping into a dreamless slumber.

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