Chapter two

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Y/n sat Silent on the hood of the DMC 12 as he processed the story Optimus had told him. Every one in the room could tell he was completely shocked by what he here'd. Y/n looked up to Optimus.

Y/n: "That's...just crazy. I'm sorry that you had to go through that I can't imagine how you feel"

Optimus: "none of us know who we feel about it"

Y/n understood some what of it meant. Meko was looking at both windshields and then back to Y/n her expression held an impressive look. Raf on the other hand held a expression of "close call". Y/n hopped off his car and looked over his damaged vehicle with the expression of "son of a bitch".

Ratchet: "I just wonder why knock out would start basting at you like that. He could have exposed us all to the rest of human race for primeus sake"

Y/n: "No clue doc"

Ratchet's face twisted in to annoyance at Y/n's response He had resist throwing wrench at him.

Ratchet: "Don't ever call me that...Ever"

Y/n here'd his annoyed tone and noted to never to do that again. He only nodded, Ratchet inwardly smiled and brought his attention back to his work. Meko went to Bulkhead and Raf want to bumblebee. Y/n felt alone.

Optimus: "Ratchet you'll be in charge Y/n from now on"

Ratchet optics widen and his face twisted into "Are you shiting me" face. Y/n gulped at the face Ratchet made as a wave of uneasiness came over him. Y/n watched as Ratchet put his foot down and begun to argue with the choice. Y/n muttered lightly as Ratchet bitched.

Jacob: "Just great this is Just fucking great man"

Y/n turned and left the room the sound of ratchet and ratchet alone echoing throughout the halls of the autobot base. Y/n sat alone in a 17 foot side passage that from what could tell only Arcee used this walkway which meant shed most likely dig Him out from here. As if on cue the sound of light metal foot steps sounded to his right. Y/n looked up at the ceiling with a light smirk on his face. He Enjoyed being right it made him feel good about him self.

Arcee: "You alright?. You seem upset"

Y/n shrugged his shoulders as she sat across from him.

Y/n: "I don't know. I'm just a mixed bag"

Arcee: "Same"

Y/n nodded in agreement as he stretched his arm. She gave Y/n a warm smile.

Arcee: "Ratchet won the little argument. He squeezed out of it and.
..You're my charge now"

Y/n looked at Arcee with a disbelieving look Arcee smirked as she moved to sit next to him.

Y/n: "How did that come about?"

Arcee: "I volunteered, last this I need is Ratchet pissed off when he operates on anyone"

Y/n nodded as tapped her side in Thanks. Arcee tapped his leg.

Arcee: "You're welcome"

Y/n yawned his eyes felt like rocks were pulling his eye lids down. Y/n slumped to his right where Arcee sat his head laying on her waist. Arcee looked at the. Now sleeping y/n and inwardly melted at the snoring sight. As she lightly messed his the ends of his hair the death of Tailgate flashed through her mind making her regret her choice. But it was better than Optimus because Megaton would vaporize him without a second thought.

Arcee: "Don't worry I'll protect you I promise"

(Time skip 2 Hours)

Y/n opened the front door of his parents home and entered. All the lighter were off which meant they were in bed or his mother was was hiding in the shadows readying to pounce. But to his surprise no such thing happened. He checked his parents bedroom and found that they were gone.

Y/n: "Must be my lucky...Ah forget it"

Y/n moved away from the room and trudged to his room and Floped on his bed passing out after a few minutes. 

(Time Skip 9 Hours)

Y/n slowly awoke as he felt a prick in his arm He jolted Awake and saw his mother with a needle with blue energon in being injected in his arm. His eyes widened as his mother slowly pulled the needle from his arm. His mother had been caught in the act of something she was suppose to keep secret from him. 

Y/n: "What the Hell was That!?"

M/n looked as she was caught taking cookie's from the jar without asking. her brown hair lightly waved thanks to Y/n's open window her blue eyes held a scarred look.

M/n: "Uhhh It's a med for you're heart"

Y/n knew that was complete bull shit and dragged him self near the window. 

Y/n: "You know what that was. Don't LIE TO ME!"

M/n Looked slightly away unable to look in her eyes. 

M/n: "It's Energon our leader gave it to us it's so you can stay alive"

Y/n's eyes narrowed as his father opened the door and saw that Y/n Knew. Y/n felt his emotions boiling in mixed state.

F/n: "Son please we are doing what's best for everyone"

At the moment Y/n knew his Father and mother were too far gone. He went for the window diving out and Began to Run Like hell. Running to the front of the house He saw Bumble bee pulling up with Raf in the passenger seat. The door of the house flew open and out came charging his father. The driver door opened and Y/n Dove in head first screaming.

Y/n: "Go Go Go!"

The Tire's screeched as they sped off leaving his father and mother in the dust. Y/n breathing hard sat up and sighed.

Raf: "What was that about?" 

Bee: "BEEP boop beep weep?"

Y/n: "My parents have energon and...I've got a spark in place of my heart"

Y/n said slumping in his seat. Bee beep several times in surprise as Raf gave the thousand mile stare. 

Raf: "Holy cow"

Y/n: "Tell me about it"

Y/n knew nothing about how he came to have the spark but it was something he would have to find out if he wanted or not.      


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