Chapter Forty Nine.

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"You're really lovely
Underneath it all
You want to love me
Underneath it all
I'm really lucky
Underneath it all
You're really lovely"

"You're really lovelyUnderneath it allYou want to love meUnderneath it allI'm really luckyUnderneath it allYou're really lovely"

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There's a lot of ways someone can wake up in the morning.

I personally woke up at an absurd hour with my heart racing, searching my eyes around the room surrounded in blue and seeing it was 6am on the clock on the table.

I'd only fallen asleep a few hours beforehand, but I guess my brain was just accustomed to not sleeping.

It took me a few moments when I first opened my eyes for the panic to settle, I woke up frantic that I needed to check on my mother. I heard her calling out to me for help. That anxiety still lodged firm in my chest until I realised I wasn't even at home.

It was just a dream.

Christ I can't even get away from her in my sleep.

It was Harry's light snoring though, that started to drag me back down to reality and get my brain to really register where I was.

And then I realised the warmth of his arm that was under my head; that he had outstretched across my pillow and his side pressed against my back, while his foot was tangled between my own.

I rolled over to face him, seeing him laid on his back with his other arm pillowed under his head and his hair messed around his pillow with the most serene look on his face.

He looked so peaceful.

It made my heart ache just looking at him, but a good kind of ache. It hurt, but in the best way, it was like when someone gives you a tight hug; you think your ribs might break but you know it's just from affection.

He really is beautiful, and much less of a cheeky infuriating bastard when he's asleep. He looks innocent, peaceful.

My body is still tired, but I can't stop looking at him and the memories from last night come flooding into my brain.

Blue lights. Heavy breathing. Heated skin. Wet lips. Sweaty bodies.

Those sounds he makes that are stuck in my head on a loop and make my stomach flip just thinking about.

It keeps flashing through my mind, the look on his face, the way he felt. The way I felt.

I chew on the inside of my lip as I watch him, seeing his chest rise and fall with steady breaths while the covers are bunched around his hips and that's when I realised two things.

One. We are both still butt naked. I can't recall a time I've ever fallen asleep naked, but we were both that worn out after we showered and got back into bed.

I should probably mention, I did ask for something to sleep in. But Harry pouted like a child who had his candy stolen on Halloween, and thought he was slick by trying to negotiate and say he just 'wanted to cuddle for a bit' and then he'd get me some clothes to sleep in.

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