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College was the first place where they met,

Or rather say collided with each other!🥀

Hatred, that was what they had towards each other! They never wanted to see each others face again.

They were young when the fate brought Them together one more time unexpectedly after so many years . They were unified by the Nikah in situations not so good, they were forced to be together through all the life they will see!❤️

She was falling for him without knowing it herself.🍁

While he was just pretending to love her for an unknown reason and a heart breaking revenge.💔

She thought of him as the piece of her soul.
She thought that they weren't different from each other, they were one,
She thought there was no you and me
But only an 'US'💘

He never truly came to know her worth,
As he was about to hurt her for something she didn't do.🖤

And the time of the revenge came near them!🔥

Will the revenge be taken? Will the heart be broken? Will the soul be shattered?
Will the love and fate win over the hatred?

AAYAT was a girl from a Muslim family.
She was lawyer by profession. A well known lawyer at that. Beautiful as a dream, strong as a thought, humble and loving! Living by the truth was the only principle of her life. She was the obedient daughter of her parents.

MAHIR, a good Muslim boy who gave preference to his father's wishes the most.
One of the most famous doctors in the city for two reasons, firstly he was very professional and devoting to his work, and oh secondly! Well he was dangerously handsome. Heart-throb of his family, he had a deep wound etched on his heart. Which was the thing that made him take the worst decision of his life.

Are you curious to know the reason that is the only thing holding Mahir to fall for Aayat? To know the reason behind his revenge and to know the reason why Aayat is about to be hurt by Mahir only when she had accepted Mahir as her fate?🥀

Join Aayat and Mahir, in their story which had TWIST OF FATE,LOVE, ROMANCE,AND HOW CAN WE FORGET,REVENGE!💫

Assalam walaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatahu ❤️

Jazakallahu khair for giving this book a chance! insha'Allah you are not going to regret it!❤️if you are reading this story than you are very special to me

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Jazakallahu khair for giving this book a chance! insha'Allah you are not going to regret it!❤️if you are reading this story than you are very special to me.😘

I hope you liked the introduction. If you did than vote and share your views. It will mean alot to me.❤️

Few important things before we get started.
This is a Muslim love story. But humans tend to have imperfections. So the characters or this book doesn't represent Islam! People from any religion are welcome to read this story!💜

Also i would like to say that English is not
My first language. So if there is any grammaticalerror , feel free to correct me.✌️

This story is completely a product of imagination. All the names , characters, situations, places are totally fictional.
Any resemblance is completely coincidental.

Fear Allah and say no to plagiarism ✖️

Stay tuned for more updates!🍁

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