Part 31

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After a month

Anu. Shavi where are you baby.  It's been hours you didn't have anything.

Sh. I'm here mummy he comes running there and  set in Anika's lap with a brightest smile.

Anu. Good boy now finish all your rice in minutes.

Sh. Ok mummy.  He about to eat when stopped thinking about something.

Anu. What happened baby. Why you stopped eating. 

Sh. Mummy seeti didn't have anything. He pout.

Ani. What ? Why you didn't tell me before.

Sha. I forgot but mummy priyanka aunty dont love her. She don't care about her wether she had  something or not.

Ani.  I know baby but seeti is not listening us.  I tried my best to make her understand but she is still stuck with her mother.  I don't know what happened to her and she is behaving like this

Sha. Mummy I'll eat later first let's go to seerat. She would be hungry.

Ani. Ok baby let's go. She held his hand and both left with a plate of food.

In room

Seerat is sitting lost somewhere when Anika set beside her

Ani. I was getting bore so thought to spend time with you. 

Seerat didn't speak and look away.

Ani. You know today I've made your favourite red beans with boiled rice. 

Seerat look at her for once then again changed her gaze on the other side

Sha. It's ok mummy you can give me because I'm starving.  He lick his lips and set in Anika's lap.

Ani. But I had brought this for seerat

Sh. But she don't want na. So it's ok I'll have it.

See. Muja b khana ha.she pout.

Ani.  Really but I thought you don't wanna have

S.  I want it she goes near anika and pack her cheek.

S. I'm sorry mummy I did really bad with you.   In those days I realised you are only the one who loved me.  My real mummy don't even care about me. She burst into tears and hugged her.

S. Mumma you know she had beaten me up before few days just because I had asked her to give me lunch. She said I'm not small I can do my own work. I'm not your maid who will do it.  Mummy she is so bad I don't like her.

Ani. My princess shshsh she caresses her hair and hugged her tightly.

Ani. That's why i had said to you to not do this. Now look what happened

See. I'm sorry mummy she sobs while hugging her tightly. 

See. Mummy I never wanted to do it. It was tia aunty who had filled my ears against you. She said you guys don't love me anymore because I'm not your daughter.  You loved bhiyu more then me. 

Anika. How dare she do that.  Didn't she feel ashamed to do all this with a kid. Acha ok now stop crying. Mummy is with you. She wipe her tears and kissed her cheek.

S. I'm sorry bhiyu I shouted at you. She cry hugging her.

Shavi. It's ok. I know you had been got secured that's why.  But don't worry mummy loves you same as she loves me ha. He wipe her tears and kissed her cheek.

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