15. Dance

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I peeped my head out of my bathroom, and checked on what Yuri was up to.

We went shopping straight after school, and she bought me a whole new wardrobe of clothes which was not really my style.... But oh well.

I had just gotten out the shower, a towel wrapped around my waist as per Yuri's request.

"Ah, you're done? Good" she smiles happily before hading me a pile of clothes. I take them, before disappearing back into the bathroom.

I checked out my appearance in the mirror, and I was shocked. The tight black ripped jeans hugged my legs beautifully. I wore a slightly loose red silk shirt, that displayed my collar bones, and some black converse.

Oh, did I mention I dyed my hair? Well, I was also forced into getting my ears pierced, and when I say I cried.... I flippen cried.

(That's his hair colour 🔝)

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(That's his hair colour 🔝)

I felt the chain of my earing sway slightly, but I ignored it and the proceeded to exit the bathroom.

Yuri gasped as she looked at me.

"Holy fuck, your so hot!" I blushed.

"T-Thank you" I say shyly.

She was already dressed, a tight black dress hugged her curves, high heels that reached the heavens, some makeup, big hoop earings and a few other accessories. She had her hair up in a messy bun, and she looked gorgeous.

I actually found out that she is someone I can see myself getting along with. She's sarcastic, funny and a total over protective mother to her friends.

"You look good too" I smile my signature smile.

She coos, and then my door is thrown open. Jimin flies in, dressed to the nines for the party.

"Where the- holy shit!" Jimin shouts, and looks at me with wide eyes.

He stares at me, and then 3 other people come running in, Jin whacking Jimin on the head.

"Don't swear!" He scolds, but Jimin just stares at me.

Jin rolls his eyes, before looking at me, letting out a loud shout.

"Huh..." Yoongi let's out, surprised.

"The hell, where is baby Kookie.." Namjoon mutters.

I just giggled at their reaction.

"You ready?" Yuri asks, a sly smirk on her face.

"Let's get some!"


The six of us walked up to the dorm room, it being a lot larger and fancier than our own. The richer kids of the school stayed here, which gave them more of an opportunity to throw parties apparently.

Yuri left a few minutes earlier, so that her and Taehyung could show up as a 'couple'.

"So, a few ground rules, don't get drunk, no drugs and Kookie, no sex"

I pout, as he only directed that one at me.

"Why not them too!"

"Cause we aren't virgins, you fetus" Yoongi snickered and i glared at him.

Hobi just cooed, "Even though you look like a sex god, you still look so cute"

I rolled my eyes and headed for the party. The front door was wide open, and some other students hung around in the front of the house. Inside the house, from what i can see, it looked packed. I licked my lips, feeling nervous as this is my first proper party.

I squeezed my way into the house, and my senses were overwhelmed for a second. A slightly sweaty, alcoholic smell drifted into my nose. My body vibrated along with the base of the music that shook the house, and the lighting was dim in certain areas, bright in others or like a disco in most areas.

I felt a whole lot of eyes on me as i squeezed through the crowd, and somehow found myself in the kitchen. I saw some drinks, and went over to them. I took a random cup of some substance and downed it to help my parched throat.

It tasted sweet, which i really liked. I set the cup down and looked around, my nerves slowly drifting away.

Thats when i spotted Taehyung, blue ripped jeans, a white button up shirt that wasn't buttoned all the way, and a bandana. Oh holy mother of cheese. My heart rate spiked and i couldn't tear my eyes away from the handsome man that was leaning against the lounge wall talking to Yuri. I pouted, feeling a little jealous even though i know they don't like each other.

But they definitely looked like they did.

As far as i can tell neither of them have seen me yet, so i decided to take advantage of that.

"HOLY SHIT- Jungkook?!" a familiar voice shouted out over the loud music. I turned to see JB walking up to me, him looking good as usual.

He looked absolutely bewildered, and i giggled. I decided to mess with him a little.

"Oh hey JB~ Like what you see?" I asked softly, winking at him.

His cheeks heat up lightly, and then he glares at me, "Oh shut it you twerp, what happened to... well, you? "

I roll my eyes and then reach up to pat his head, "You'll learn one day my child"

I flash him a cheeky grin, suddenly feeling a strong urge to go join the dancing crowd, "Let's go dance!"


"Come on!" i grab his wrist and pull him along with me, oblivious to the eyes that watched.

Taehyung POV

I rolled my eyes, "Can you please go away"

Yuri glared at me, "We are mean't to act like a couple for a few before you go and get yourself laid"

I sighed, annoyed with her voice and tried to keep up a conversation with her, throwing in a few intimate gestures to help hide the fact we hate each other. My eyes roamed over the dancing bodies, trying to suss out which girl, or boy, i'm going to seduce.

But then i heard something that caught my attention.

HOLY SHIT- Jungkook?!" My eyes instantly shoot to where the shout came from.

Jungkook stood there, with one of his friends, and i choked on my own saliva. My eyes widened as they drank in Jungkook's appearance. His newly died hair matched him beautifully, pierced ears giving him a more sexy look. I bit my lip, eyes traveling further down to his clothes.

Oh lord- those thighs. I let out a soft groan as i caught a glimpse of his perky ass, it looked so damn fuckable. He looked so fucking hot, something i never expected from that innocent little bunny that i immediately felt my arousal.

I noticed the way he sent JB a flirty wink, and i felt myself growl. I glowered at his friend, a thousand deaths being redone in my head for him. I watched with irritation as the two entered the dance floor.

I don't even know why i felt so....angry.

Maybe because i want to be the first one to have Jungkook in bed. Yeah, totally.

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