Author's Note (Please Read!)

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Mature Content: 18+

This story has vulgarity, and violent content. Please read responsibly. 

Copyright 2019 Dawnstarling

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author, except as permitted by U.S. Copyright law. 


Another important disclaimer:

This is a fictional story. All characters in this book are fictional and are purely my own creations. My characters have no associations and/or connections to real-life Mafia syndicates. The criminal organizations presented are of Italian descent, but they are an unconventional type of 21st century mobs guarded by modern rules and independent commandments.

No real life Mafia family names are used in this story, at least not to my knowledge. This fictional world is not a proper representation of the Italian culture, nor is what I've presented meant to be construed as culturally correct.

To simplify, I just felt like writing a kick-ass mafia romance story. And I just want to apologize beforehand about my lack of expertise on the subject. Furthermore, I want to be respectful to anyone who reads this and may feel that I haven't done justice to their culture or the accurate portrayal of the Mob. If I ever publish this story beyond Wattpad, I'll put to practice my full due diligence. Scouts honor.  

End of Disclaimer

I've been writing this story for a few years. I've put off publishing it because I couldn't find the right voices for the characters. I think I've found them now, and I'm ready to publish a


I just want to gauge reader interest, so if you like what you're reading, VOTE and comment if you want more. 

Regardless of the response, I will finish this story because I am writing it for myself and my own enjoyment

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Regardless of the response, I will finish this story because I am writing it for myself and my own enjoyment. It is also the getaway to "get away" from my children.

Side note: to anyone waiting on IAILWAIM, I've rewritten a good chunk of the story from 1st POV. I'm really happy with it, but I'm currently suffering from writers block and I'm waiting to hear back from the characters. They haven't returned my phone calls. I've scheduled a mandatory coffee meeting this Thursday.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy MAFIOSO if it's your cup of tea. And please forgive the grammatical errors. 

Much love!


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