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First, yes, I use dark mode

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First, yes, I use dark mode.
Second, no, CB97X99 is not my main stan account... it's more of my Stay account.

I came across the prompt in October, something in me wanted to write this story, so I took the shot. The story's being posted on twitter, but I'm sharing it here to as this is somewhat my writing platform niche. I'm reposting it here with minor revisions, the twitter version contained few (or many) typographical errors, and grammatical errors maybe, but I'm trying to edit it still on the manuscript. Since I post as I go, it is somewhat hard to edit it once it's posted there.

I may try to migrate to AO3, but maybe not now, since I'm not familiar with the writing interface of AO3 yet.

Moving on... writing this is a challenge. I really wanted to write Hyunjin's character with depth. I want to write their relationship with depth, with hugot. I tried my best to steer away from how I usually write. As I write this story, it still has imperfections, but I absolutely want to do my best in making it hear wrenching, making the slow burn worth it.

Also, this is my first time trying to fuse two timelines in one chapter.

Thus, be mindful whilst reading!

All the love,
Zelle (CB97X99)

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