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Mira P.O. V
My Gray dress takes against the teeth of the dog. I try to pull my hands to my body, so I could run but to no use. The dog inches closer to me flashing its teeth and growling, all of its hairs on its back stand straight.

Fear tumbles through me, my knees give out and I drop against the floor. The chain linked to my cuffs follow me. I want to cry out, I want so badly for someone to hear me. To rescue me.

The dog bites down on my leg and shreds into my calf, hot red liquid pools against the floor. My screams fill the room but no one can hear me. The dog pulls back and pounces on me pushing me to the ground. Fear shakes to my core as I let out more cries for help. The dog looks deeply into my eyes with its brown ones before lunging at my throat.

My eyes open abruptly and my body shoots up and I grab at my legs. I can feel myself breathe but it feels like I'm getting no air. Hot tears run down my cheeks as panic slowly leave my body letting me calm down.

It was just a dream. It was just a dream. I try to reassure myself, letting the darkness of the room hold me. Sometimes the dark would comfort me and other times it would fill my lungs with every breath shooting more fear into my blood stream.

My head pounding as the tears streamed down my face. I move to get up and stood at the foot of my bed. My legs felt like jello and almost shook with each step toward the bathroom I made.

I examined my legs and arms, the light of the bathroom showed my pale skin, the few bruises on my arms and ankle have gotten lighter. A few of them actually deepened in color, but they would go away and then my skin would be flawless.

I shut off the light to the bathroom and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I remember when father told me about the outside, he said the nighttime was always the prettiest. My room didn't have windows, so I have never seen it.

I turned when I heard the door to my room unlock. Father entered my room and turned on the lamp, he held a plate with 2 eggs and a strawberry on it. “Morning, Mira. I need you to get ready soon.” He set the plate on the table and looked at the unread note. “Did you read this Mira?” The realization hitting me that I never touched the things on the desk since last night.

He looked at me waiting for my response already knowing the answer. “Never mind, the Lord and Lady will be here in an hour to get you. Gavin will be bringing up a dress for you to put on.” He stepped toward me. “Sit for a few minutes.” Father pointed to the bed and I did as I was asked. My heart was in my throat and I could feel it pounding which meant Father could hear it.

Father got on one knee and lifted my chained ankle till it was resting on him. He pulled a key out of his coat pocket. “Now, Mira, you are getting this off today, but any misbehavior and I'll put you in the chain room.” His dark eyes looked at my face. He could probably smell my fear.

“Yes, Father...” My voice echoed. He unlocked the cuff and let it fall to the ground, rubbing the red that circled my ankle. The more he touched it the more the fear I felt. He let go and went to open the door as the small man from last night handed him a bag.

“Here, Mira. I want you to look nice for the Lord and Lady.” Father threw the bag toward me, causing me to flinch and bring my knees to my chest. “Stop it, Mira.” His voice harsh as he lifts his hand and then slowly lowers it. “Get changed, let your hair down and brush it. I'll come back in a half hour. Then we will pack a few things for you to leave with.” He formed his hand into a fist and walked out slamming the door behind him.

I looked in the bag, the black and red laced material balled up at the bottom. Pulling it out, I noticed a white necklace fall from the dress, the small chain appearing fragile. I unfolded the dress and examined it before pulling off the one I was just wearing to slide it on. It pulled in at the top of my ribs and flowed out. It was beautiful. I put on the necklace, feeling the cold chain with a small hoop on it fall against my neck. Father said that good girls get classy collars like this.

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