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Jisung POV

Throwing on some ripped jeans and a white shirt, I rush out out of my room and down the stairs. My mom is in the kitchen cooking breakfast the delicious aroma of bacon and pancakes wafting through the air. It's my first day of school in a new place. I'm so glad I left Malaysia, the people at my last school werent to nice, though transferring in the middle of the year is weird for me. I step out back the chilly morning air nipping at my skin. I run back inside and snatch my warm pink hoodie of of the coat rack by the front door. Pulling the hoodie over my head I run into the door. Big oof. Back outside I start searching for sammy. I hear squeaking coming from the tree at the corner of my big yard. Standing in front of the tree my favorite squirrel jumps into my arms. He followed me all the way from Malaysia by hiding in my car.

“Sammy!” I yell as the little creature finds his way into my hoodie pocket. "You know I can bring you to school, Maybe if I make some friends today I'll bring them over and you can meet them how about that?” Sammy sticks his head out of my pocket and squeaks. “I guess that's a yes then”

“Jisung!” I hear my mum yell from behind me, “Breakfast is ready!” I pick sammy up out of my pocket and put him back in the tree. I ran back inside. I stuff my mouth with food not wanting to waste any time and run out the door after snatching my backpack up from next to the table. I can barely hear my mom yelling I should calm down.  Reaching the front of my new school I head into the office.

“Hello!” I greet as I enter the office, the lady at the front desk her name plate read ‘Mrs.Seo’ She waved me over to the front desk.

“You must be the new student, Han Jisung?” I nod, “Okay Mr.Park is sending a student up to guide you and show you around, he chose the kid yesterday, heś not the nicest to rude people but if you're good to him he’ll be good to” just as she finished her sentence the office doors swung open and in stepped the most beautiful man i’ve ever seen! His Brown hair has blonde highlights and his lips curved into a sort of :] smile I can't really explain it in words. He looks so freaking sExY.
-end of chap-

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