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POV Narrator

Silas dragged Katherine before biting down on her neck sucking her of cure.

She screamed at the pain of being bit and his grip on her neck.

He growled when she tried to rip away tightening his grip even harsher than before.

Her eyes start rolling back when suddenly the pain was no longer there making her quickly blink open her eyes.

Looking around she stopped when she saw her. The woman standing above Silas's temporarily dead body.

Looking back to Katherine she gasped at who was looking at her. She thought it didn't work.

Moving forward she stumbled before grabbing onto her arm making the girl look at the doppelgänger.

"You honestly never stop getting into trouble. Do you Katerina." She spoke with a soft accent making her smile before gently rubbing her cheek.

"Your alive...." she whispered to the smaller female who just grinned but face contorted into pain as fangs protrude from her mouth.

Katherine frown and looked to the dead Silas before holding her arm out.

"Feed quickly."

The girl looked unsure but did as she was told biting into Katerina's arm.

Thus completing the process entirely.

Her body shift and her posture changed. Her eyes closed before cracking her neck.

When she opened her eyes Katherine wasn't expecting her eyes to two of the most natural but unnatural colors ever.

Bright forest green and a deep ocean blue.

She pulled back sighing as the blood in her system was purely vampire...or so she thought.

Looking to Katherine she grinned before biting her wrist feeding it to Katherine to heal her wounds.

Katherine accepted immediately.

"Now tell me everything Katherine. What happened while I was dead."

Katherine looked to the girl and one thing came to mind at the very moment.

Her Rosalie was alive.

Short yes it's just a preview to get us going into the book.

Hope you guys enjoyed❤️I'm just freaking pumped!!!

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