chapter 2

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*Isabella's pov

jersey wave

party at mine at 9
come thru and bring some alcohol lol

just like that?

I'm done

bet I'll be there

taking some friends with me if that's okay



AYEEE! That's why I love you

so down 👀

yooo! Lit, bringing my best friend and his girlfriend with me!

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after I finished getting ready, I told the boys to come over already so we could chill all alone a bit

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after I finished getting ready, I told the boys to come over already so we could chill all alone a bit.

"What's good mamacita" alvaro said entering my house
"Hey Party girl" kairi said, hugging me
Everyone else came in and we talked and played games till the house slowly started to fill up.

"What the heck Isabella!" I heard someone hiss behind me
"Why is she here?"
Mattia pointed his finger to his ex girlfriend, making out with her new boyfriend
"What the fuck. I didn't invite them mattia, I swear on my mamas life"
"Fucking great" he said pissed and walked away once again
I swear this dude is on his period.


It was 11:48 PM and I started to feel drunk and the night got crazy.

"Heyyyyyyy" I said wrapping my arm around kairis neck
"How's it going?" He yelled over the music
"really good! Everything alright with you?"
He nodded smiling
"But mattia seems to be down" he added pointing at mattia, who was sitting on the couch
"I'll be back, have fun!"

"Matti" i frowned
"I don't feel like dancing if that's why you're here" he said
"Should I kick them out?"
"No. I'm good"
"Doesn't look like it"
"She's looking, play it cool" he said quickly
"Okay missy, you're the one frowning all night"
He turned his head to look at me and I shrugged
"Come with me" I said, grabbing his hand and leading him to my room and I could feel the girls eyes following our gaze.
I locked the door behind us and he looked at me confused
"I'll do it"
"Wha- really?!"
"Yes, mattia. Just because I see how you look at her and even tho I don't think this is the right way to get someone back. I'll do it. I'm your best friend and I wanna be there for you"
"So what's the plan?" I asked him
"Okay well, we'll go to school as usual, but I'll hold your hand or like hug you and kiss your cheek....whatever you know all those couply things. We need to meet up in our breaks and after school I'll take you home, but I always do that so that's nothing new. After a couple of days or weeks we eventually need to start kissing"
"One condition.
No matter what happens, our friendship won't be affected"
"Never" mattia smiled
"I love you so much, thank you" he added and hugged me
"anytime matti"

We walked downstairs and people were looking at us cause we just came out of a bedroom and they always assume the same shit of course.

"What just happened?" Alejandro asked
"We're officially fake dating" Mattia smiled proudly
"Ohhhh you did it!"
"She's looking at us, let's go dance" I whispered in his ear for it to look more intense
"Why are you already kind of good at this?"
"Fai qualcosa, boh, toccami (do something, i dont know, touch me)"
"I know this is weird, but you gotta make it look real" I told him, in his ear once again
"I'll get better, relax"
"Hope so" I said and we danced the night away


yesterday was crazy good
she already texted me asking if we're a couple

lol what did you answer

I said we've been dating for a few weeks and decided to make it official now


if we already dated a few weeks, people will wonder why we won't barely kiss and do all that lovey dovey shiz

fuck I didn't think about that


I'll think of sth no worries

you better

this is the start of something "great"

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