Let's Hop Like Bunnies ;D Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Still Angel's POV

I looked at his face for a reaction. He seemed to be hesitating...uh-oh. I hope he doesn't turn his back on me. "This doesn't change the fact that we've been friends for years right?" I asked as I got more anxious.

Next thing I know, I get pulled into a hug by him. I cling to him and he wipes away tears I didn't even know I had. "Shhh Angel...I'm still you're best friend and you're still mine. I only hesitated because I can't believe you didn't tell me that you were having these thoughts and I couldn't support you. We're sisters for life." he comforted.

I laughed at that last bit. "Thanks Alex...that means a lot to me." I said as I pulled away from our hug and looked him in the eyes.

"Ladies! Put your testosterone on and let's play some football!" our coach yelled at us.

I shrugged and me and Alex started walking down to the field. He starting snickering and I looked at him in question. "I think that coach might be into guys more than you." I rolled my eyes and slapped his arm. "Ow! What the heck was that for?" he asked as he rubbed his arm,

"For being Alex," was my reply.

"Whatever, go catch some balls," he said as he stifled a giggle. I smacked him twice as hard and smiled. I was running back so it makes sense as to why he told me to catch some balls.

I set up in my position and waited for the call. "Okay get ready...and....hike!" my team mate said.

I started running and I waited for the ball to reach where I was. Just as I was about to catch the ball and run, I felt something hit the back of my head and everything went white at first, then black. I saw butterflies the color of the sky dancing around me. One of them stopped, came close to me, and then slapped me. That little twerp! I felt the green field beneath me starting the rumble. Whoa, I must be hungry...

"Angel, wake up!" Alex said as he hovered above me. His hazel eyes looked into my silver ones with concern. I stared at him, trying to register his question.

"I'm sorry but what?" I said. He just sighed in relief.

"Oh thank god you're alright," he said in almost a whisper. He turned to the coach and said, "He's awake." I took in my surroundings and saw I was still in the middle of the football field, surrounded by the entire team. They began to disperse as soon as I sat up. Eh whatever. I felt something beside my arm and just looked at it. It was a brick...Thank you coach for making us wear helmets!

"Crysthalma! I want you to go home!" Coach said. Wow...he must really love me! "Matthews! Walk him home or something."

Alex walked over to me and helped me stand up. As we walked back to the lockers rooms, I took my helmet and I heard him snicker a little. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing...grossalina," he replied and burst into laughter. I huffed and walked in front of him and snapped my fingers. I walked into the locker rooms and looked at myself in a mirror. Whoa...I really was grossalina. I had freakin' helmet hair! Ew! I shuddered and began to take off my clothes to take a shower. I heard  "whoa" come from behind me. I turned around and saw Alex just standing there, looking all awkward.

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