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I push my hair from my face, cursing myself for not grabbing a hair tie before I left this morning. There was a nice breeze earlier in the day bringing some relief to the heatwave of the past week; it did not seem to want to let up anytime soon. If I had known it would be such a hot, sticky evening I would have kept my ass inside.

Alas, the money won't make itself.

Tonight has been slow. With the cops on patrol scaring off potential clients and the other girls with their flashing lights and threatening glances, I'm the only one with enough balls still strolling the block. They think they run shit around here because they wear a badge, like that means we automatically have to listen to them because they're stewards of the law and whatnot, but the minute they're off the clock guess where they go...not home to their wives and children. They come back here to the place they supposedly loathe, to get a blowjob from me.

I pace back and forth in front of the corner store that has been my rest stop for much of the day. I try not to be in the same area more than twice a week so they can't trace my steps and arrest me. I've been able to avoid the asshole cops thus far but no one is that fucking lucky.

"Hey baby."

Finally! I thought I was going to be out here all night. My new limit is five men a day since I don't quite have the energy to perform like I used to. This guy is lucky number five.

"Hey," I lean into the window, flashing my innocent girl smile. "You looking for some company?"

"How much?" He seemed awkward. This must be his first time. He's an amateur, I can tell. At least he looks clean. Blonde hair, blue eyes, baby face, he doesn't look a day over twenty-four but in this business looks can be deceiving. I've had run-ins with some psychos. The most clean-cut, white collar businessmen are the ones to be weary of. They have some of the strangest fetishes...And some of them are rapists. I've unfortunately encountered both.

"Depends on what you want sexy." I purr.

He smiles at my obvious attempt to butter him up. He has a blinding white smile. "Hop in."

Hop in, I do.

"What's your name?" Blondie asks looking away from the road to gawk at my legs. Really, like I would give this douche my real name. The last thing I need is a stalker walking around the block asking for Jennie. Been there, done that.  "Rachael."

"I'm Mike."

"Well it's nice to meet you, Mike. Do you have somewhere in mind for us to go?"

"I was hoping you knew of a place." His hands were shaking he was so nervous.

Amateur oozes out of his pores, poor thing. I wonder what brought him here? Most guys know when you pick up a prostitute you take them to a sleazy hotel to fuck them...So, I guess this means If I don't tell him to take me to a motel then he won't even think to do it? I'm tired, like really fucking tired, and ready for this to be over.

"Let's just go over there." I direct him to a deserted parking lot behind an abandoned building a couple blocks away that's a hot spot for these sorts of depraved activities. It's so dark most cops just drive past without taking a second glance. Judging by the petrified look on this Mike person's face this won't take long. He parked the car and killed the engine. I turn myself in his direction to do my usual rundown on what's acceptable and what's not when I notice he's already unbuckling his pants.


He's shaking and sweating profusely. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

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