Chapter 17

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Roc- *rushes towards Steph* What the fuck is your problem? *looks at Steph*

Steph- *Holding her head* Yea my head *Looks at her hand to see blood* 

Aliyah- Katiana please just stop this *Tearing up alittle*

Moe- What did we ever do to you? *says in disbelief*

Katiana- you guys did nothing to me, You guys are just in my way of getting my own solo career so if that means I have to get ride of you guys, so be it. But most importantly *walks up to Roc, and touches him, he backs away from her* I want Roc

Steph & Khalil- What?!? *Stephanie gets up but falls to the floor again due to the pain*

Steph- Ow *Holds her head*

Katiana- I wanted him and you *pointing the gun at steph* had to sneak your ass through and steal him from me

Roc- Steal? You never had me

Steph- your willing to kill us over your career?! And your willing to kill me for a boy.

Katiana- *lowers herself to Steph level* You maybe my cousin but that doesn't mean I like you. In fact I hate you

Steph- *starts to cry as the words her cousin is saying rips through her heart like a stray bullet* What did I do to you? I thought you were my bestfriend... Im your cousin... We've been through thick and thin. *sobbing* Katie..

Katiana- *hits her over the head with the gun* shut up!! you always got everything, the boys, the friends, the voice what do I have huh?!

Aliyah- *holding Stephs hand* so your doing this over jealousy? The letters? Our bus breaking down? Tyanna? That was all you?

Katiana- I can't take all the credit, Madison, Jolesha, Miland and Emerald helped me

Steph- Emerald?

Nychelle- whose Emerald?

Steph- She's my sister *says while stuttering her words*

Roc- What?? You have a sister? You never told me that?

Steph- she disappeared when I was younger.. I barely remember her

Katiana- come on out Emerald

Emerald- *comes out from behind the trees* Hi everyone

Steph- Emey? why? We are sisters

Katiana- so what?

Moe- when did you join them

Katiana- remember when I told you guys they wanted me to go against you.. Well I turned them down at first but when I came back to see you guys all kissing on each other and I was alone, all you guys cared about was your little boyfriends so I turned right back around and accepted madisons offer which was if I help get rid of you guys then I get my own record deal. You know what? Im done explaining.. Say bye to your boyfriend *aims the gun at Stephanie with her hand on the trigger as she gets ready to shoot Miland jumps in front of Katiana*

Miland- Stop! This is wrong!

Katiana- excuse you?

Miland- Shes your cousin and she's your sister *looking at Emerald*

Emerald- I don't know her, Katiana has been keeping me alive the last couple years

Miland- Still, and Katiana if you kill Stephanie, Roc still won't want you and Madison if you kill Moe, Princeton *Just then Madison picks up her gun and shoots Miland*

*Miland falls to the floor bleeding. As everyone except Katiana, Emerald, and madison runs towards her. Miland tries to speak but all that comes out is blood.

Jolesha- What the fuck? *crouching next to Miland and drops her gun*

Madison- *Katiana looks at her* What? I was getting tired of her

Jolesha- and you think thats a good reason to kill her? She was our friend

Madison- no she was your friend, I never liked her. I only put up with her because of you

Jolesha- *talking to miland while tearing up* Mimi, hold on we will get you some help *as miland starts to talk she chokes up her last breath.* no! No! Miland get up! Don't die on me

*as everyone focuses on miland Ray Ray tries to grab the gun but Katiana notices and shots at the gun knocking it out of his hand*

Katiana- Don't you fucking think about it. Jolesha suck it up shes dead move the fuck on.

Jolesha- but...

Katiana- But nothing grab your gun wipe those tears and lets do this

Jolesha- ok. *grabs gun and wipes tears then walks back next to Katiana*

Katiana- Well since the killing has started. Looks like it your turn *Points the gun at Steph* get up and walk by the tree

Steph- *stands up and starts walking* please Katie.*scared to death, shaking and crying* please im sorry for what ever I did to you.. Please don't kill me

Katiana- its too late for apologies, turn around *Stephanie turns* Say good bye to your friends and your boyfriend

Steph- *tears pouring from her eyes* bye you guys, Moe, Aliyah, chelly, Ray, prod, and prince I love you guys *weeping* Roc baby, *almost everyone is crying now except Katiana and Madison*

Roc- *crying* Yes babygirl

Steph- I love you with all my heart and these last few months have been the best months of my life

Katiana- Times up

*Katiana raises the gun to Stephanie. The air grows thick as everyone stands there and wait helplessly. Katiana hesitates on pulling the trigger as she thinks of the pain, loneliness, and struggle she went through then the choice was clear, Katiana pulls the trigger.


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