Chapter Fourteen

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     When I woke up, my eyes fluttered open slowly. I felt more rested than I had for weeks. Granted, I was no longer being tortured and was in a proper bed, but something had felt different. I almost felt... happy.

I jerked up in bed when I remembered I was no longer in my own room. My eyes darted around the space quickly, looking for the muscled alien that had comforted me when my nightmare had overcome me with absolute terror. My cheeks warmed considerably at the memory.

What was his motive? I couldn't help but think to myself. Surely he was going to be getting something out of being nice to me. 

A cute little alien baby, that's what. I grit my teeth at the thought.

Thinking about it now, I had always wanted to have children one day. Not right now in this minute, but someday. Did turning in to an alien change that for me now?

I realized the answer was a reluctant no. Unless the process was completely different. I shuddered, imagining an alien baby ripping out of my stomach like in the cheesy alien abduction movies.

I stopped what I was doing, my eyes wide as thoughts swirled in my head. In a way, I had totally been abducted by aliens. Technically, humans had started the process... but currently I was stuck in an alien facility deep in the desert. Abducted. By. Aliens.

I rolled by eyes, shaking my head at the thought as I lazily stretched and got out of the plush, silky sheets. I was getting far too comfortable for someone who had been abducted by aliens.

However... they had another thing coming if they thought they could choose who I was going to be with. I didn't know how things worked back on Nauria, but it was the twenty-first century and women got to choose what they wanted for themselves and their bodies. Even if Kade was frustratingly attractive. 

I meandered to the bathroom slowly, still sleepy from just waking up, but feeling energized in a way I hadn't felt before. I wondered it it was a side affect of the powers running through my blood. 

I brushed my teeth casually, taking my time. The nerves in my stomach squeezed as I thought about the doctors appointment I was scheduled to have at some point today. I almost didn't want to know what was going on within my own body.

Despite being so nervous I wanted to throw up, I knew that was just my fear talking. I would always prefer to know what is going on rather than being kept in the dark. I shivered at the thought of the unknown.

I shook off the dark thoughts before they could consume me. I brushed my hair and braided it down the side, smiling slightly in the mirror. I changed quickly into the clothes that had once again been laid out for me. By who, I didn't know. But whoever they were, I was glad they had picked out comfortable attire for me so far. Once again, I found myself dressed head to toe in an all black outfit. 

Not particularly wanting to wait for someone to come and collect me, I decided to venture out into the hallways on my own.

I turned the knob slowly, half expecting a high pitched beep to sound throughout the building to let them know I had exited my room, but to my relief nothing happened. I hadn't been alone long enough to explore since I had gotten here. I was half comforted knowing that most of the civilians were many floors up from where I currently was and that I didn't run much of a risk of running in to anyone. 

As far as I knew, they only came down here to train in the arena. I wasn't sure where their classes were held, but I had a feeling they were probably located somewhere within this labyrinth of hallways I was currently attempting to navigate.

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