Chapter 1 || "That was my baby."

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- Pandora -

My jaw dropped as I digested his words, my stomach twisting uncomfortably. 

I was Pandora... Pandora was with Ashton... Ashton and Pandora.

"Sir," I mumbled, licking my chapped lips nervously "may I change partners?"

"Let me think," He spoke, pretending to consider my request. I didn't require an answer, however, his response present within the sarcasm that dripped from his tongue like tar. He soon after confirmed my suspicions, uttering a stern, "No."

"You don't understand," I continued, everyone's eyes focused on me "I can't be with Ashton."

"What's wrong with me?" Ashton chuckled, kicking the back of my seat with a subtle force that was just enough to irritate me. I forced myself to ignore him, however, and kept my gaze on Mr Blackwell, mouthing please to him multiple times.

"You're just being silly, Pandora." He sighed, beginning to pass out the plastic babies "You will be fine." 

I gritted my teeth and slouched back into my chair, defeated.

He may have thought I was being silly, but what he didn't realise was I physically could not work with Ashton. Not only would I do all the work, being in his company made me want to either scream or be sick. He was a self-absorbed bully who took joy in embarrassing other people, and I didn't have the time nor effort (and let's not forget sanity) to put up with him.

Ashton casually slung his backpack onto his shoulder before hopping over his desk, landing expertly on the other side. I rolled my eyes as he fell heavily down into the seat beside me, watching as he fixed his hair before focusing his attention on me.

"Hey, Bae."

"Don't ever call me that." I cringed, picking my bag up from under my desk and cuddling it to my chest, tugging at the handles nervously.

"What am I meant to call you then?" He chuckled, raising his eyebrows questioningly "Future Wifey?"

"How about Pandora?" I suggested bitterly, taking a glance up at the clock.

Only two minutes left.

I could do this.

"No, that's boring." He frowned, resting his chin in his hand "We need nicknames."

"We really don't-"

"Shut up and think!" He scolded, quickly kicking my ankle.

I grumbled in annoyance but didn't say anything else, rubbing my ankle tenderly. How was I meant to put up with two weeks of this if I couldn't even handle two minutes?

"Is your brother in today?" Ashton questioned, drumming his fingers against the desk.

"I think so?" I replied slowly, knitting my eyebrows together in confusion "Why?"

"I'll give you a lift home then."

I struggled to digest his unfamiliarity sweet words, lacking the bitter nature I had trained myself to be indifferent towards.

Ashton wanted to drive me home. Since when did he have a heart?

"Why?" I questioned cautiously, narrowing my eyes. 

"I don't know," he shrugged, watching as Mr Blackwell came to stand by my desk "I may as well, now we have that thing."

"It's a baby, Ashton." He scolded, placing the plastic doll down in front of us "A baby. And I expect you to treat it as such, take care of it as if it were real."

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