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- April -


I've never seen my kidnapper. Just his voice, his soothing and slow voice. Maybe it was just the drugs that made everything sound so slow.

It felt like days. Almost weeks. I was starving, yet I felt like I would vomit every single thing I ate. I was sick. Not literally, but I felt so sick..

I still have hope that someone would find me. Maybe a search party was sent by my parents. Just maybe, they were close to finding wherever I was.

A door swung open, the creaking sound just might haunt me for the rest of my life..

I felt tears under my blindfold as I let out a choked sob.

"Please.. P-please let me go." I cried for who knows how many times now. "If you want money I-I can get it to you. Please just let me go."

I don't know why I even tried. I've said this so many times, begged even. All I got was nothing.

Although this one single time, he said something.

I felt his hands touch my back and run down to my waist.

"You're mine now."



I smile into the kiss, as his lips met mine sweetly.

He hums against my lips, slowly laying me down onto my bed.

"Louis." I moaned, as he immediately sucks at the skin on my neck.

"April.'' He murmurs into my skin, his warmth radiating.

I gasped when I hear a thud from the window, immediately pushing him away.

Both our heads shot to the window, his body against mine.

"Weird." He chuckled.

"It's just the wind." I sighed, getting up and making my way towards the window.

The wind blew my hair back as I shivered slightly. Struggling to close the window, halfway through, I crane my neck to look out of it.

There was nothing there.

Shaking my head, I withdrew and shut the window.

"Your parents are coming home soon right?"' He mumbled, as I run over to him and immediately cuddle into his arms.

"Yeah but I don't want you to go.'' I groaned.

"You'll see me in the morning." He tells me, looking me in the eyes.

"Promise me."

"Who knows,  I might be sick in bed." He laughs slightly, making me smile.

"Just promise me that I'll see you in the morning."

"Promise.'' He nods, leaving a kiss on my forehead.

Closing my eyes, his arm wraps around my waist.

"I love you." He mumbled.

I nodded, smiling.

"Come on, I'll drop you downstairs."

We both walked down the stairs quietly, as I looked around. It was pretty dark.

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