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She is woken up by a shrill sound.

Beep. Beep. Beep

"Your mother's calling you, babe." She hears an unfamiliar voice. The hand snaked under her waist is pulled back to its owner who takes the phone off of the bedside and hands it to her.

She picks up the call in a half asleep state.

"Hello? Tiya? Where the hell are you?! Its 3 am and you're not home yet. What are you doing?!" Her mother screams into the phone.

She panics even more. Her parents were fun and considerate as long as you maintained the deadlines and her deadline to be back home was 11:30 ish max and here she was in a strangers bed, in his arms at 3 in the night.

"Mum I am very sorry. I got held up at a friend's place, I'll be home in about 15. Promise! Please don't worry I am safe."

Beep. Beep.

She hears the call cut.

Oh damn I've done it, she's going to throw me out of the house now. She worries. She realises that she can think about the consequences later, right now she needed to reach home A.S.A.P.

The mobile screen lights up and a female voice speaks.

"Congratulations! You have cracked the final level! You have resolved all your previous unresolved problems! Your therapist will contact you soon to talk about this achievement of yours!"

"Uhhm what's this?" She asks getting out of bed in a rush to find herself wearing a nightgown.

"That's your app Tiya! You've finally done it! I am so happy for you!" The stranger follows her lead, gets up, moves towards her and tries to take her into his arms.

"I am sorry, but who are you? And what am I doing here? I must be really drunk last night. I...I have a boyfriend." She says shocked that she dint even remember him until now.

"Tiya? Are you feeling okay? I am Jay, your husband, what are even saying."

"What? We... We're married?"

"Yes! Do you not remember me?"

"I am sorry but no. Last I checked I was upset with mum for not letting me go on a trip with my boyfriend and I was packing my bags, planning to run away with him on that trip. What even is going on?"

The stranger, Tiya notices is quite good looking but 'Hey! You have a boyfriend who you're going to elope on a trip with!' She chides herself.

The stranger reaches out for her hand. She takes her hand back.

"Let's sit and talk Tiya. Give me five minutes of your time. Just five."

She is reminded of her mother's call. But 5 minutes isn't gonna hurt right? Plus this guy might even drop her home after she listens to him.

"Okay' she sits down next to him on the love seat in the far wall of the room.

He swipes his hand as if performing some magic. She wonders if he is nuts and she should bolt but the very next second the lights in the room come on and the "wall" which was a screen lifts to reveal a huge floor to ceiling window.

Such technology!? Had she time travelled somehow she jokes to herself. Naah he is probably very rich, dad's money she assumes. The guy doesn't look a day over 26-27.

"You go to a therapist, who said that sometimes because of excessive stress and panic, and the changes in the body because of the injection can lead to temporary retrograde amnesia, wherein you might forget everything that has happened after the incident."

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