14. Escalations

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   It's been over a week. A full 8 days and they're still following me around like lost puppies. Whenever I remind myself that they are just being with me to protect themselves it feels surreal, because whenever we're together it doesn't feel like that.

  If I'm going to be completely honest, they're all starting to grow on me, except Grae. But I'm not admitting that to them. I also hate to admit that I've gotten used to having them around.

   There hasn't been much sleep this past week though. I mean, would anyone be able to sleep with a potential killer next to them? Especially someone who carries a damn pocket knife. I'm sure if Darius has one the others do too. I don't think it's even legal.

   It's Collins's turn to stay at my place. This last week, I've realized that he is actually very fun to be around. He's a ray of sunshine compared to the others. He's easygoing and charming, just like Naomi said.

   We're sitting on a Friday night in my dorm watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Collins persuaded me to watch it.

   "Do you wanna order from Postmates?" He asks whilst chomping down on a bag of chips, some crumbs falling into the sheets of the bed he's sitting on.

   The extra bed in my room has turned into their bed. Whoever stays with me sleeps in it. Grae has never stayed here though. I refuse to, and I wouldn't let him anyway. I still don't know why we won't just stay at their house. It's bigger. Darius says it's because they don't have a guest room, and they don't trust me to sleep downstairs alone, and I guess from his point of view it makes sense.

   "I think you do," I muse. "You look hungry."

   "Starving," he replies with his mouth full, pieces of chips flying out as he speaks. If I haven't mentioned it yet, he's a binger. I swear he never gets full.

   "Pizza?" I suggest. He nods eagerly and I pick up the phone to order.

   Two hours later we've eaten one maxi pepperoni pizza, with pineapple, two family-sized chocolate bars and two bags of chips. Collins ate 90% of that just to be clear.

  "How do you eat that much and still look like that?" I gesture at him with a raised brow.

   He blinks at me before his lips curve upwards. "Are you insinuating I look handsome?" He teases.

   "No," I huff, then pause. "Okay, yeah you're not bad looking."

   Collins chuckles, "don't be embarrassed, I get that all the time." He smiles smugly.

   "Okay, wipe that self-absorbed grin off. You're gonna get a boner from simply talking about yourself, you narcissist."

   He laughs, dragging a hand through his blonde hair. "Actually, that might happen."

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