I hid all the presents and just chilled in my room..on my bed..watching Teen Wolf. God I love this show. ! 


mhmm.....(-Yawn-) hmhmhmm.......

Nope. Can't Sleep.  

I checked the time and it was...6:41 am . Great. I think I'm becoming a lunatic. 

Oh well...

I got out of my warm...soft....dreamy bed and went to have a shower. After that, I blow dried my hair and braided my hair into a fishtail braid, and did my light make up. And Finally I wore Christmas leggings with oversized jumper with Christmas deers, and maroon colour beanie.

I wanted to go downstairs, but I forgot my iphone (which was on the table next to the window). So I quickly went to take my phone, and quickly looked through the window, then I turned around and started walking down stair---Whoaaa awhat??!! SNOW?!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA








 Okay  Holyy . . . shittt   

After screamed enough in my head, I just FLEW outside . NO kidding. It was..lightening speed. 

As soon as I touched the snow, I started to do a snow-angel. I was giggling  like an idiot. I LOVE winter. But  mostly ...snow. 

I was having so much fun. I took some selfies and th--POOL! MY POOL!! 

I quickly ran to the pool, and it was frozen. Yes ! I can ice skate on it ! But Later...

Now I'm feeling like doing a prank on them. But..I need My buddy. Luke. So I went upstairs to wake him up. I opened his door and stood right next to his bed. 

''Luke'' I whispered. 

''Luke, wake up'' 

''Wake the fuck up before I cut your little balls and feed them to you'' 

Nothing .

''Okay..you wanna do it the hard way..I'll show you THE YAMMOUNI way...'' 

I covered his mouth with the sellotape.

I went down stairs again. It's like a workout. phewww. 

So I went outside and took a lot of snow , then I ran upstairs to Luke's room.

I counted to 1 (because the snow was melting) and poured the snow down to his underwear. After about 6 seconds Luke TRIED to scream but he couldn't . Thank God, because other wise he would have wake everyone up and fucked up my plan. He looked at me confused with a questioning look.

''If you won't scream I'll take the tape off okay?'' I asked. He nodded, and I quickly removed the tape. 

''Oww. The hell was that all about?!'' Luke whispered-screamed . 

''Well..you didn't wake up so..yeah...do you wanna help me to prank some people?''I asked with a small smile. Evil Smile..

''....Du-uhh . BUT next time promise you won;t do anything like this'' He said agreeing. 

''..Okay let's go'' I said and took his hand dragging him downstairs. ''Wait, can I at least dress up?'' He asked and looked at me. 

''..Fine, But hurry up, before they wake up'' 


So after about 15 minutes, we were ready. We had 4 full buckets of snow, we decided to leave my parents and my little sister out of this. 

''Okay, so I'll prank Beau and Skip, and you can prank James and Jai'' Luke said looking my way and half yawing. 

''Why do I always have to prank Jai? ''I asked feeling a bit mad, because you know...it's..awkward . 

''Because he isn't your twin brother and he won't hit you'' He said it like a fact. 

''Fine. Let's do it.'' 


I'm soo sorry, I know I upload very rarely , and it's a short chapter but I'm planning a very big one. 

I hope you like it. Sorry for any mistakes. 

Love you xxx 

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