Chapter 63

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We pull up outside the restaurant and I'm reluctant to get out of the car. Matt takes my hand and squeezes it. I stay staring straight ahead.

"Babe, we don't have to go in if you don't want to"

"No" I say facing him "I have to do this" I say saying out of the car. Matt takes my hand once again and we walk inside.

"Good evening and welcome to Benjamin's! Do you have a reservation?" The waiter says polietly.

"Yes, it's under the name Espinosa" Matt says.

"Ah yes, here it is. Table for 2 for Mr Espinosa. Right this way." He says and leads us to our table.

Matt pulls out my chair for me and I sit down. He then takes a seat opposite me and holds his hand out for me. I place my hand in his lightly and he tightens his grip around it.

"You really do look stunning tonight"

"Thank you. Not too bad yourself" I laugh. My gaze turns to the couple in the corner with a young red head girl. The girl is about 6 and the man looks about 35 years old. The woman, who looks about 25 looks annoyed at him. It feels like dejavu.

"You alright?" Matt says following my gaze. "Sky, talk to me"

"That couple and that kid" I state

"What about them?"

"When I was about the same age as that girl my parent's brought me on holiday here to Indiana."

"You never told me that"

"My parents were about the same age as that couple. My mum had me when she was 19- it was a one night stand. A mistake. My dad was 29 when I was born."

"Right" Matt says. He's really listening.

"We came to this restaurant- we sat right over there." I say nodding to the corner table.

"What happened Sky?"

"My mum was really annoyed at my dad. He was never really there for me when I was young. He was always 'away on business'. Mum brought me up on her own"

"Even through the bullying?"

"That started when I was 5. No one knew about it until I was about 6 and a half" I explain "So yeah, I was surprised that we actually were on holiday. Well if you can call it a holiday- dad was always away at work. Mum was annoyed that this was the first night that he was actually with us."

"At least he was with you"

"Yeah, I was just happy to be with him"

"Of course, you were just a little kid"

"Then they got in a huge arguement and mum dragged me out of the restaurant away from my dad. It was so embarrasing- everyone was staring and muttering about how much of a dysfunctional family we were"

"Then what?"

"Dad came back to the hotel and he was really drunk. I pretended to be asleep whilst my mum shouted at him out in the corridor. She was saying such horrible things- like how he was a lousy father and she wishes she'd never had me with him. She said she wished she'd never gone out and met him that night. He said he was done with us- he was going to go back to his family."

"Wow, that must have been hard for you to hear"

"As I grew older, I knew I was a mistake. I always wondered why they stayed together. Then when Jaimee was born, everything changed. They started acting like a proper couple- like proper parents. It was great. Well until they decided to get a divorce"

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