This Won't Hurt A Bit

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I drop my beer and start swimming as fast as I can to Bryce. I’ve never been so afraid in my life. There’s so much crimson in the water. Blood. Bryce’s blood! The cottage is so far away from anything, and he’s the only one who even knows the area. I have no idea where a hospital might be!

Before I can reach him though, Bryce resurfaces on his own. He looks a little disoriented, but otherwise he’s conscious and treading water – and that’s a huge relief.

“Bryce! Are you ok?!” I yell.

“I think I hit my head a little.” He says slowly.

“A little?! Dude, it looks like shark week in there!” Lance says.

Bryce touches the back of his head and looks at his fingers, they’re covered in blood. For a second it looks like Bryce might faint, or throw up.

“Let’s get you inside. I have first aid training.” I say.

I grab a towel on the dock and hold it against the back of Bryce’s head. There’s a lot of blood, but head wounds tend to bleed a lot no matter what, so it could be not too bad of a cut – I hope.

“Take your time, don’t rush. Pause or sit whenever you need to.” I say. It’s awkward trying to walk with him while holding the towel against his head since I can hardly even reach it.

“Here, I can hold the towel.” Bryce says. “Can you walk ahead?”

“Sure, anything you want!” I say and start walking in front of him. Then I remember that I’m still naked, and dripping wet from the lake. “Are you really ogling me at a time like this?!” I say, half incredulous, half flattered.

“How can you yell at a dying man?” Bryce says teasingly.

“You are not dying! Not on my watch!” I say, doing my best TV doctor in a dramatic series impression.

“I think there’s a first aid kit in the master ensuite, doc.”

I have Bryce sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub in the ensuite while I look at the damage. I gently clean up around the wound. The bleeding has slowed down significantly and once he’s cleaned up I can see it’s actually not that bad. Relieved, I realize for the first time how close my bare breasts are to his face. I swallow hard.

“Tell it to me straight doc. Am I gonna pull through?”

“You’re going to be fine. It’s pretty much stopped bleeding already. You are going to have a hell of a bump though. Let me put some ointment and a bandage on it.” I’m thankful his hair is so short at the back that the bandage can actually stick.

When I’m done I gingerly kiss the top of his head. “There. All better.”

“Thanks doc.” Bryce whispers and pulls me gently towards him. My heart rate starts to quicken. Bryce runs his hand down my arm and puts my hand against his lips. “I feel better already.”

Bryce stands up and walks me over to the bed. His jeans and t-shirt are on the bed from when he changed into his swimming trunks. He tosses the t-shirt aside, then picks up the jeans and removes the belt. He tosses the jeans aside but puts the belt back on the bed.

“Will you lay down on your stomach for me?” He asks.

I lay down, eyeing the belt suspiciously as I do. Why did he keep it? What is he going to do with it? My heart starts pumping over time. I think that it must be beating so hard that Bryce can hear it.

Facing down on the bed, I can’t see what Bryce is doing behind me. I think I hear him slip his wet trunks off and dry himself with a towel. Then I feel the mattress move by my feet as he puts his weight on the bed. Seconds go by with nothing, no movement. I shift to lift my head and look back at him, he’s sitting on his knees at the foot of the bed looking me over. He looks like he’s planning. He doesn’t say anything to me, but a devilish grin creeps across his face. I have to look away again so that he doesn’t see the anxiousness on my face.

Even though he hasn’t said or done anything yet I can feel I’m getting aroused – very aroused. I’m already starting to feel warm and moist for him. Every inch of my skin is hyper alert anticipating his touch. When he puts his hands on my ankles it makes me jump. He gently massages my ankles and starts to slowly make his way up the back of my legs. I’m relieved to know where he is and what he’s doing and exhale a long breath I had apparently been holding in.

When he reaches the back of my thighs he stops massaging and runs his fingers gently along my inner thighs, then presses gently outward against them until I part my legs. He goes back to massaging the back of my thighs then works his way to my bum. “Your ass is perfect.” Bryce says and kisses and nibbles each cheek. When he sits back up he gently slaps my right cheek. I swallow hard. It didn’t hurt at all but I’m nervous – and excited – that the next one will.

Bryce pauses again. I wonder if he’s waiting to make sure I’m ok. I look back at him and give him a small smile. He grins back at me – the same devilish grin from before – and my heart starts racing again. He slaps my right cheek again, harder this time. It hurts a little, but only for a split second, then there’s just a little warmth on my skin. He slaps my left cheek just as hard. Then he softly runs his fingers along the inside of my right thigh until he reaches my sex. He softly strokes me and I can feel I am dripping wet now. He continues stroking me with long, slow, soft strokes and I think I will cum in seconds if he keeps it up, but he stops abruptly.

I feel his weight shift on the bed and then I feel him touch the back of my left knee. It feels cold and strange though. I realize he’s not touching me with his hand, but the belt, folded. He runs the belt up along my left leg, across my bum, then down my right leg. Then he runs it up the inside of my right thigh, up and around my bum, then down the inside of my left thigh.

He pauses again, not touching me anywhere. Then I feel him lay the belt across the back of my thighs and he goes back to stroking me. He feels amazing and I let out a moan. He slaps my left cheek, slightly harder than before, and launches me to near my peak. “If you don’t stop I’m going to cum!” I exclaim. Bryce stops and I hear the now familiar crinkle of the condom wrapper.

He puts his hands on my hips and gently lifts my bum towards him, the belt falling against my calves. I feel his hard cock against my dripping wet pussy and let out another moan. He strokes my clit with his shaft just as he had been with his fingers, with long, slow, soft strokes. Just when I’m about to reach my climax again he plunges deep into my pussy and holds there, pulling me against him with his hands still on my hips. He pulls back and starts moving slowly, with shallow thrusts. He starts thrusting deeper and deeper but with the same slow rhythm. I reach under myself and start stroking my clit while he thrusts. He slaps my right cheek – hard. It smarts, but arouses me even more. I feel myself slip even higher, and this time there’s no going back. “I’m going to cum!” Bryce responds by speeding up his thrusts and slapping my right cheek even harder.

The combination of his cock, the spank, and my finger on my clit are too much and I climax hard. I start bucking my hips wildly as I become overwhelmed by the strength of my climax. Bryce holds me in place as he continues to thrust. He groans and wraps his arms around my waist and I realize he’s cuming too.

He pulls out and finally lets go of my hips. Without his support, and completely spent, I fall back down on the bed. He kisses my bum again, each cheek once, where he had spanked. “Are you ok?” he asks.

“Better than ok.” I purr.

He lays on his side beside me. I roll onto my side to face him.

 “I was so afraid of what you would do with that belt.” I confess.

“Then I was disappointed that you didn’t use it.” I say, and flash him my own devilish grin.

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