🌹 x fem (intro)

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"After I told Lawrence about how I've seen the river too, he's gotten used to me. I have to live with him now and get used to his nocturnal habits, he buys me clothes, and I'm not allowed to leave his side... at all. Lawrence keeps a key around his waistband 24/7 so I can't leave the apartment, and if a aggravate him and he doesn't trust me. When he is gone I have to stay in the apartment and do basic chores like clean the bed and water the plants. I take a shower once he is gone because I'm not allowed to go to the bathroom without keeping the door open because he doesn't want me to lock it. I kinda hate the fact I have no privacy, but what am I supposed to do? After that I just stare out the glass wall and look at the stars. It's so gorgeous at night.. I wish I could be out there. Ugh."
After writing I close the journal and hide it under the desk. I lay down on the bed and think about little things till I hear keys jingling at the door. Lawrence is home.

Lawrence's POV

I put the key into the doorknob and turn it till it opens. When it opens I hear Y/N greet me. "Hey Lawrence". I see Y/N sitting on my bed like she was when I left. Her H/C hair a bit messy and her E/C eyes staring right at me. I wave slowly and take off my jacket to get ready to sleep when the sun rises. I can feel her fingers wrap around my waist. She's so soft and gentle about it.. I'm happy she's mine.

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