Chapter Five

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The sound of someone talking could be heard as I entered the suite after coming back from from Disneyland. It was Rupert, talking on the phone, I left him to it and went to my room to freshen up and rest since the day had been long and tiring. I was in the bathtub, just soaking when I thought about the interest Winston showed in me, it was definitely a fond interest if I had to go by the kisses he lavished.

It was no secret that Winston came from a powerful lineage, was successful and powerful in his own rights, excessively attractive and charming to boot; any woman or man would love, simply love to be with him. He must have someone he was involved with, he had to have multiple love interests in the past too, so his interest in me wasn't justified unless he was just having some fun while he was away from a darling.

It wasn't like I was in a position to judge him either, since I've known of the apparent arrangement my father has come forth with. I had every intention to resist the decision, whether my resistance holds or not remains to be seen.

I came out of the bathroom to see Rupert reclining on a chair, calmly looking at me.

"Hello. I assume you had an eventful day."

"Yup. It was nice."

"We have to return tomorrow, you've been missing enough classes, you don't need to miss anymore. "

"I want to stay here."

"To just lay around, and occasionally go out? You could fit your studies into the schedule easily while home."

"Just a couple more days."

Rupert shook his head slowly, "Mr. Harrington wants you back in schedule now, you've had ample inconsistencies in the timetable.

"Taking time to gather my thoughts isn't an inconsistency!"

"That isn't, but a well crafted education plan cannot be disrupted so frequently that it becomes difficult for you to catch up."

When I didn't give a verbal reply, he stood up and gestured to the side, "We're going tomorrow evening, your things have been bundled, you may sleep in and I'll wake you in time for a late breakfast. You can relax till it's time to go"

I threw the towel I was holding and stomped to put on my sleepwear while deftly untying the bathrobe. I wanted nothing more than sleep now, sleep was my coping mechanism when things got even slightly uncomfortable. When dressed in pajama tops and shorts - since I liked my legs free, I slipped under the covers and immediately relaxed, just staring at the soft glow of the room till sleep drew me in.

I was woken by Rupert, who'd left the curtains shut but the wide open door let in enough light to see that he was dressed to leave. I turned the other way, pulling the blanket over my head and drifting off again only to get the blanket lifted from my face and the curtains drawn, the lights switched on too.

"Freshen up Max, I've already called for breakfast.

"I don't want to have breakfast." I groaned.

"You'll still eat."

I groaned again but got up and lumbered to the bathroom, brushing with my eyes closed and then sat at the table. Rupert prompted several times to keep the hand I was balancing my face on off the table, but I wasn't going to listen. By the time breakfast was cleared, I'd gone on a long run, eaten a snack and taken a shower and dressed, our luggage was being moved out and Rupert was talking on the phone to the travel planner.

I spent majority of the flight watching movies and eating cookies and ice cream so I wouldn't nod off and ruin my sleep for the rest of the night, eventually resorting to music when all else failed.

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