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꧁༺࿅ིཽ• -- •❈• -- •࿅ིཽ༻꧂

⊹⊱ Guiying ⊰⊹

"Guiying!" my mother screamed.

I turned around, searching for her. Her voice sounded so real, so full of torment. Without hesitating, I walked closer to the forest, gazing into the darkness.

"Māmā! Where are you? Māmā!" I called for her, my voice wavering with every shout.

Just as I was about to search elsewhere, the sound of rustling leaves alerted me, keeping my feet rooted to the ground. Anxiety lurked closely, as someone began to approach me from the dense forest. The creature had my mother's face, but its shadow showed something completely monstrous. Its sharp teeth glinted in the moonlight, the area became drenched in miasma as flowers and trees wilted into nothingness.

My instincts told me to run, but I knew that running would save me. The realization of my mother's passing 20 years ago made me regret my decision to listen to the devil incarnate's coaxing voice.

꧁༺࿅ིཽ• -- •❈• -- •࿅ིཽ༻꧂

I woke up from my nightmare, drenched in sweat. My heartbeat pumped frantically in my chest, as if it were to burst any moment. Placing a hand on my wrist, I took a few deep breaths to calm myself before coming to the sad realization that Jingyi and I were sleeping on the cold, forest floor. The sun hung high in the sky and despite being in the shade, it did little to protect us from the sweltering heat.

I placed a gentle hand on Jingyi's forehead to check her temperature, her skin felt clammy and blazing to the touch. Looking down at her bandaged leg, blood was beginning to bleed through and was now dripping onto the ground. Her eyes cracked open, looking at me with concern. There were bags under her eyes, she didn't have to tell me that she was exhausted. We hadn't gotten decent sleep for the past week. The mages attacked our village, demanding to know more about Mingxia and when we didn't tell them, they coaxed the demons out from the forests and allowed them to feast upon us while they watched. In the chaos, Jingyi's leg was injured from an attack instigated by the Black Wind Demon.

There was a gentle, weak hand on my arm, pulling me back to the present. Jingyi was looking at me with a tired, yet worried expression. I rubbed the back of her hand with my thumb to soothe her. "I'm fine, qīn ài de. It was just another nightmare." I grabbed the bag that we had prepared in a hurry and quickly fished out a clean rag. "I have to change your bandages. Unfortunately, this is all we have for now. Please bear with me, Xīngān. It will hurt but we can't let it get infected."

She nodded and turned her head away, preparing herself for the worst. I gently unraveled the fabric to find that it was just as bad as it was before. Pus was oozing from the cut, a sign of infection. I grit my teeth, knowing that she wouldn't last long out here since we didn't have any antibiotics. I knew that I should have told her that, but I didn't want to worry her. We had plenty on our minds, I didn't want to add an extra stressor.

"Did you dream of her again?" she asked while I cleaned her wound with a small amount of water before unwrapping the bandages.

I nodded, not wanting to talk about it any further." I wiped some sweat from my brow and said, "We will need to move soon. We can't stay here too long. It'll be nighttime before we know it."

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