Chapter 28: Special

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The sky is yet to wake up and here I am dwelling in my bathtub as I get ready for the long awaited summer camp.

Y/n- Good morning my extremely adorable boyfriend, are you excited for today?

Katsuki🧡- It's way too early for this shit, go back to sleep.

Y/n- And here you are replying a few seconds after I sent the text, don't lie to me and tell me you're not wide awake.

Katsuki🧡-  how do you say fuck off in a nice way?

Y/n- Rude.

Katsuki🧡- I'm not fucking trying to, thats why I asked you dumbass.

I giggled at our silly texts before deciding to throw my phone to the side and checking my duffle bag if everything that I need is intact.

"Good morning everyone!" Iida our class president enthused while he slice the air with his stiff hand in the most robotic manner.
"Everyone, please proceed inside the bus in a nice and orderly manner" he began still swinging his hands.


"Acting as if we don't fucking know how to get on the damn bus" Katsuki whispered with his voice husky from beside me while he stretches his neck.
"Your potty mouth is not attractive at all" I sneered and swat his arm childishly.
"Is that so? and here you are in a relationship with me" he retorted and I gasp.
"Yea sadly.." I shrugged after collecting myself and he bring his fingers on my cheeks and pinches them.
This is becoming a habit of him.
"The fuck did you say?" He barked out but he doesn't seem mad, he actually sounded playful.
"Take a damn joke" I slurred my words and managed to grab his cheeks back.
Now it's the battle of sovereignty.

"Hey love birds, maybe get a room" Kaminari nudged on Katsuki and was quickly plunged away.
"I was kidding man..."he cried out after Katsuki began firing up his quirk with his palms, mostly to threaten Kaminari.

Meanwhile I started making my way to the bus.
"Y/n here! here!, sit beside me" Uraraka waved her hands at me as soon as she saw me enter.
I smile to her from ear to ear and started making my way over to her through this cramped bus, when a sudden tug got my attention.

"Back off round face, she's sitting with me" Katsuki scoffed pointing at himself with his thumb while the other hand is on my shoulder.
When did he even get here?
"Bakugo, you're holding up the line, hurry up and find a sit" Aizawa sensei blankly said from the other end and Katsuki rolls his eyes.
Both me and Uraraka reached out our hands in a dramatic plea as I get dragged by Katsuki and finally finding a sit just right beside Midoriya and Iida deep in the back.
"I get the window sit" I declared, quickly sliding on the seat.

A few minutes after we hit the road, the bus is already pervaded with students relentless chatter.


"Katuski, we're going to go there to utilize our quirk right?" I asked fidgeting with my fingers as the bus starts moving.
"Ya" he said, looking through his phone.
"I'm, kinda nervous" I told him and he put down his phone, snapping his head at me.
"For what?" He asked with his typical stank face.
"I don't know I feel like I wouldn't be able to keep up with the training and stuff, you know my quirk is very restricted".
"So?" He asked slightly shaking his head with irritation.
"I'm just scared to turn blind, because then I wouldn't be able to fight for a long period of time, kinda sucks.." I paused,
"the downside of my quirk" I continued.
"Cut the bullshit, then what the fuck are you even doing here, if you're going to set limits to yourself" he spat.

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