Chapter 01 - Death is always lurking near ✔

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The bell that signals the end of class rang. The students piled up one by one by the entrance.

"Violet come on! Hurry, before he leaves!"

A black haired girl exclaimed pulling a brunette alongside her. Their foot steps echoed through the hall more than the rest of the teens.

"God Kat, slow down he's not going anywhere soon." Violet giggled following her very eager and excited friend.

"Hey guys! Wait for me!"

 A smaller girl pushed through the crowd of very excited students. You see it was a Friday.

"Ana, good you made it just in time." Violet said stepping aside and letting Ana go in front of her.

"He's here!" Kat yelled and squeezed Violets hand.

A boy around 17 was standing before them waiting for the chance to shuffle out. The three girls were standing behind him, trying not to giggle at Kat's eagerness.

This was the girls daily routine, throughout the whole day they chased Kat's crush around the school.

The girls finally made it out and stopped by the road for a few minutes.

"He's never going to accept my friend request." Kat whined at the girls.

"Will you stop being so pessimistic? He'll accept it, if he knows what's good for him." Violet said making Kat burst into a fit of giggles.

"Let's go to Heaven, for some pancakes." Ana said making Violet's eyes sparkle.

"Hahaha, look at her eyes!" Kat laughed, making the nearby students look at them.

"What? Food is food! Now let's go!" Violet said, already leading the way.

The girls were laughing and talking about each other's exes. People were looking at them weirdly, because they were a funny bunch consisting of a girl so short she's always being mistaken as a preschooler, an indie-rock fan and a metalhead. They all had different styles and characters.

Ana was the shortest of the three friends and always resembled a cute doll. She might be a high school freshman, but her voice would say she was a preschooler.

Then we had Kat, an indie-rock fan, so your guessing right if you think she's an Arctic Monkeys fan. Plus throw in that she's an Ultra energy drink junkie.

And finally we have Violet, a hard core metal fan, that never left her house in a colorful outfit. She always wore black.

The three girls went through the glass doors of the café Heaven. They went to take their usual seat by the window. The waitress came over to take their order and left soon after.

Violet's phone vibrated in her jeans pocket and she pulled it out, to see a call coming in. She groaned and slammed the phone on the table, almost breaking it.

"Mia?" Kat asked.

"Yeah, she just doesn't seem to get it into her head that I don't want to talk to her."

"At least it's not Jena or Ursula." Ana piped in.

"I guess." Violet shrugged. She took a deep breath and continued.

"I mean seriously, Ursula is two years younger than us and she clearly stated and I quote 'without the three of us you had no one, you were alone and the girl that was always worthless, so stop with that shit that your trying to do, you are not better than us'  which left me speechless. Like hello, did you even look at what you were writing?"

Violet could feel the rage build up inside her.

"She said that, to you?" Ana asked astonished.

"Yes. Only because I finally decided to get out of their shadow and carry on without them."

"Your kidding me?" Kat asked her mouth slightly agape.

Violet shook her head and showed her the long text that Ursula sent her.

"I'll kill that bitch. How can she even talk like that to you after you helped her?"

"Calm down Kat, violence won't solve anything." Ana said, patting Kat on the shoulder.

"Ana's got a point. As much as I want to hit them, I won't. I don't even see the reason of what we're fighting about." Violet said eyeing the guys that passed by the café.

The waitress came back with three plates, each having a sweet treat on it.

Kat ordered a pancake with cherries and nutella, Ana ordered some form of chestnut puree, while Violet had two slices of nutella cake.

"I'll be right back with your drinks." The waitress said and stalked of to the counter.

A few minutes later, she came back with three mugs of hot chocolate. The girls thanked her and started eating.

"I mean just watch, my phone will vibrate and Mia's name will light up on the screen."

The girls looked at Violets black Huawei smart phone and indeed it rung with Mia's name on the screen.

"Answer it." Ana blurted out.

Violet looked at her confused with her fork hanging from her plump lips.

"Answer it, make an appointment and go talk." Ana said.

Violet hesitantly answered her phone.

"Hello." Her voice was full of annoyance towards the other party.

"Violet. Listen about last friday-" Mia's voice could be heard by Kat and Ana.

"I don't want to hear it... over the phone. Meet me tomorrow at the park around 4 p.m. We'll talk then."

Violet ended the call and sighed. She was so not ready for this. Even her appetite faded.

"What if Jane and Ursula come? They won't hesitate to bring their guard dogs with them."

"Guard dogs?" Ana asked.

"Yeah, you know my ex Stephan and his buddy Riven."

"Then we'll bring Egor and Marko." Ana said smiling.

"Plus we'll be there as support. We won't let anything happen to you." Kat said smiling.

"I don't know girls. I have a bad feeling about this. I mean Jena was my best friend once, I know too much about her that she wouldn't like to seep out." Violet said.

She was really getting uncomfortable.

"Don't worry so much, nothing will happen. I promise. I mean come on Egor will be there." Kat said.

"Yeah they're practically going to piss themselves because of him. So take a deep breath and relax." Ana smiled at her.

"Egor won't let a hair be touched on your pretty little head." Kat winked and Violet heaved another sigh.

Her words were true. With Egor by her side nobody dares to touch her, but the thing is, Kat couldn't be more wrong right now. 

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