Workin' Day And Night

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"How can you live girl
Cause love for us was meant to be
Then you must be seein'
Some other guy instead of me
That's why you got me workin' day and night
And I'll be workin'
From sun up to midnight"

"How can you live girlCause love for us was meant to beThen you must be seein'Some other guy instead of meThat's why you got me workin' day and nightAnd I'll be workin'From sun up to midnight"

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"Finally..." Michael sighed as he got in his car and drove off.

It's currently eleven at night, and he's leaving the studio. For the past month, him and his brothers have been recording songs for their new album. Normally they don't end their sessions until one or two in the morning, so he's glad they called it in early. He just hadn't been feeling his best lately.

All Michael could think about was his girlfriend, Cherie. Their relationship hasn't been in the best place for a while now. It seems like something's off with her, and he doesn't know why.

When they began dating around three years ago, they were the epitome of a perfect couple. They would spend every day together and were very affectionate with each other. Around a few months ago, however, things changed.

Cherie became kind of distant towards Michael. It seemed like every time he would try and spend time with her, she pushed him away.  They haven't really been intimate in a while either. Every time he would ask her what's wrong, she would brush him off and say that everything is fine or they would argue. In the back of his mind, though, he knows that something isn't right. He hopes it's just a phase and that they can work through it.

Michael finally pulled up to the home they share. He grabbed his notebook, switched the car off, and locked it while walking in the house.

"Baby," he yelled as soon as he walked in, "I'm home!" He closed and locked the door behind him. He sat his notebook on the table and shrugged off his jacket, laying it on the couch. "Cherie!" he yelled again as he sat down.

She finally walked in the living room and was shocked to see him. "Oh hey, Michael. You're home kinda early, ain't you?"

"Yeah, we finished earlier than expected." he said. He noticed that she was all dressed up. She was wearing a bright yellow jumpsuit that complimented her dark skin beautifully. "Where you been all dressed up like that?" he asked.

"Oh," she looked as she was trying to come up with an answer, "I, um, called some of my girls and we went out to eat, shopping, you know the normal girl stuff."

Michael just nodded suspiciously. It seemed like Cherie was trying to hide something from him. "Oh okay. Well I hope you had a good time."

"Yeah, it was nice." she responded as she sat down. "So why did you guys end early? Normally you don't be home for another few hours."

"Well," he leaned back into the couch, "Marlon and Tito's kids are sick with the flu, Enid called Jackie and they got into an argument, and Randy... well I don't know if he had anything to do."

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