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It had been a few months after the ordeal with Claw,Y/n was back to school. Reigen was back to being....God knows what,and everybody else were trying to turn a new leaf,excluding Teru,Ritsu, and the other originally good guys. 

"I wonder how Ritsu is doing.."Considering I somehow got transported here..With a lot of static-y portals..And the psychic energy is so confusing here..I can't even tell which way is north or south..Let alone east or west. I went a random direction,hoping the portal would return me to earth

-Time skip a few minutes-

I groggily woke up,feeling some sort of structure behind me. I looked behind me to see a tree,Am I back in Earth?

I got up and noticed strange psychic energy,or was it even psychic at all..

I went to walk towards the energy until I noticed a pack of wolves had approached me

"Oh,Hey."I said to the off looking wolves

I wondered why they looked so weird,let alone not having any energy signature whatsoever

A wolf went to attack me,only for me to use my esper abilities to put up a barrier, blocking the odd wolf

"Ok, These aren't normal wolves. They are too violent then the ones I'm used to. These ones made of an almost murderous aura.."

I let out a psychic wave,incinerating the wolves and shutting off power near a half mile radius... 

"Well, Time to go to the nearest city or town.."

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