The next day

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Anita couldn't go to bed last night all she could think of was the weird things she'd seen and heard. Should she tell her brother about the ghost she saw through the window? Maybe he knows something. She got out of bed trying to remember what that little girl/ ghost had mouthed to her. She replayed the scene several times in her head but the more she did the scarier it was.

"Forget it . " she said to herself out loud. She got dressed and went downstairs. After all it was the last breakfast she's going to have with her parents for the next month.

"Good Morning, " said her dad putting the egg in Anita's plate " I made you scrambled eggs, hope you like it ."
"Thanks, I'll go make everyone coffee"
" No it's okay your mum already made them, they're on the counter."

They sat down on the table and started eating, her mum was going over everything they needed for their trip to Spain. "I need to go bathroom, I'll be back in a sec." said Michael as he looked at Anita and pointed for her to come. Clearly he wasn't really going to the bathroom but he had seen something weird as well . "Yeah me too I'm just gonna grab my phone quickly, I'll be right back."

Their parents shook their heads and mumbled something under their breaths.

Anita followed Micheal up the stairs and into the corridor where he stood right outside their screening room."What is it ?" Asked Anita, "aren't you gonna go in ?". Micheal stuttered as the colour of his face drained away. "no," he muttered, "no way. "

"Why not, have you seen something ?"asked Anita peaking into the screening room

"Yeah actually, I saw a little girl, about nine or ten," He started. Anita looked concerned, was this the figure she had seen from the screening rooms' window. 

 "She had long black eyes and her face was scared, oh yeah she also mouthed something to me." Said Micheal starring at the spot he had seen her. "What did she say ? " Asked Anita

"I dunno, something like help i'm innocent." Said Micheal doing an impression of a ghost. Anita was shocked, could that be what the ghost had said to her as well. What was happening? and how is it that her parents didn't hear the scream. Should she tell him that she saw her as well. Anita was deep in thought when she heard a deafening thump. "AAAHHGG!"they both screamed rushing down the stairs.

A million thought went passed their heads, hearts thumping and breaths getting faster every second. They was sure the noise came from the basement, but that meant she'll need to go past her parents. And there they were.

"Are you alright darling, we heard you scream is everything alright ?"Asked mum

"Yeah, but didn't you hear that loud thud ?" asked Anita puzzled

"What thud? we didn't hear a thing? " said dad slightly concerned, probably thinking whether to take his children to hospital for hearing things.

"Never mind... forget it." Said Anita

They all sat back down on the dining table eating their breakfast. Their parents were talking about what places they were going to visit, her mum, Scarlet, was keen to visit the Sagrada familia in Barcelona whilst her dad was on the phone trying to book a visit there.

DING DONG! the doorbell rang

Was this going to be another thing were only she and Micheal would hear thought Anita getting slightly frustrated.

"I'll get the door !"yelled mum
Anita and Micheal ignored her and stood by the door waiting to see who was there. At least everyone else heard it and wasn't another one of those weird times where only they heard it. "Coming !" Yelled mum as she fiddled with the keys to find the right one. She unlocked the door and as she had expected it was the child minder.

"Hey you must be our child minder I'm their mother and here are the two amazing kids you'll be looking after." she said pointing at Anita and Micheal.

The child minder stepped in gazing at her surroundings, it was a lot to take in as the house was really big. "Hi, my name is Darbie, and I am sure your kids are amazing." she said as she ruffled Micheal's hair.

She looked dodgy.

Anita's mum, Scarlet, took Darbie into the living room where she told her all the rules and did a mini tour of the house. Anita and Micheal went upstairs to there rooms where Anita sat on her king sized bed with her headphones on full volume listening to BTS's new album. After all she was a huge fan. She was drifting into her long train of thoughts till she fell asleep.

~~~ 3 hours later ~~~

" ANITA ! "Yelled Darbie "Aren't you going to say goodbye to your parents ?" She yelled as she went up the stairs. To her to surprise she found Anita asleep. "Seriously?" she muttered as she unplugged Anita's headphones and shook until she awoke.

"GOSH !! Is this how you're gonna wake us up when our parents are gone." Anita complained

" Don't start giving me attitude already,"she said sternly

"or what ?" asked Anita mockingly

"or i'll put you in the naughty list"

"Ahh oh my god i'm so scared, some odd, messed up childminder is putting me on the naughty list LOL" she laughed

"Listen, if you don't fix that attitude of yours , you are gonna have a hard time when your parents are gone ! No joke you seriously don't want to be on my bad side." Darbie said in a low voice

"Jeez! calm the hell down , all I asked was if this is how your gonna wake me up ?"

"Okay then." said Darbie getting up "I'm taking your phone away. "and she just left the room.

Anita sat their laughing that odd childminder forgot how rich they were, Anita had 2 more spare phones an iPod and a laptop. Taking away one phone is like taking a penny from £10.


After their parents left Julia got changed and packed her bags. There was no way she was gonna stay in a house with a odd weirdo she decided she was gonna spend the day at her boyfriend's house. Anita stepped out the house and plugged in her headphones once again listening to Kpop music. For some reason her headphones weren't working. "Seriously"she muttered. she paused the music and was about to take the headphones off when something startled her .

"STOP !!" that's what Anita heard she looked around the streets but it looked like nobody had heard it

"STAY HOME !!" the voice said again, that's when she realised the voice was coming from her headphones. Once again she was about to take them of when she felt an incredible force pushing the headphones into her ears.

"WHAT THE HELL !!! " Anita turned around and just as she thought, nobody else can hear or see this force. The public were all giving her weird looks. The force grew stronger and stronger until Anita gave up on trying to pull the headphones . "What do you want !!" Anita whispered thinking she sounds stupid

"I want you to turn around and go home" the voice said

"Why though ?" asked Anita. suddenly the atmosphere changed and the voice in the headphones was muffled but Anita made out three words that sounded like they were in the background.




That's what she heard. Anita was so shocked she felt sick , after all that's what Micheal said he saw the ghost mouthing. She decided to go back home just like what the voice said. But all she could think of were the three words which were probably gonna change her life.




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