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(third person pov)

"You're allergic to peanuts?" Ethan asked as he watched his 2-year-old reach up and drop a pack of nuts into their cart. She waddled in front of him again, eyes widening at the marshmallows and grabbing a package in her tiny arms.

She turned and dropped it into the car, grinning at Ethan. "Yummy, daddy!" She told him. He shook his head as he pulled the cart behind him, following her out of the aisle.

"Mik?" She asked as she ran towards the dairy section. Ethan groaned as he pulled the cart after her, jogging to scoop her up. "Daddy!" She whined.

"Nope, we're not doing this," He said as he pulled the cart and carried her with one arm back towards the medicine aisle. Lauren kicked Ethan, trying to get out of his grip. "This is why I told you we should get a big cart," He said with a sigh, moving her to his other arm.

"Daddy!" She yelled again. Ethan sighed as he dropped the cart handle and went to the vitamins. "Daddy, down!" She yelled as she pulled on his hair.

"Laur," He sighed as he tried to pick up a bottle of gummy vitamins, only to have her knock them out of his grip. "Lauren, princess," Ethan sighed as he grabbed it before it rolled away. She looked back at him and he frowned and then, the waterworks started.

"Mama!" She yelled for y/n. Ethan groaned, getting off his knees and sitting on the floor, legs crossed, not caring anymore. Lauren cried as Ethan tried to calm her down.

"Hey, it's okay, here, you want candy?" He asked, reaching into his pocket for the vitamin gummies she refused to take earlier that day. She looked at it before reaching her palm out. He gave it to her and she put in her mouth, chewing slowly. Ethan sighed as he stood back up, Lauren wiping at her eyes. "Now, which one-"

But Lauren was at it again before he could finish. Ethan sighed as he switched the wailing toddler to his other hip before grabbing the cart. "Down," Lauren cried. Ethan looked at her before putting her down on the floor, where the crying stopped. She looked up at him, wiping her eyes before she waddled away, down the aisle.

Ethan shook his head at adamancy and quickly turned to grab the vitamins y/n wanted. He turned back to see Lauren dropping a pack of laxatives into the cart. Ethan laughed before making his way over. Lauren waddled away as quickly as her little legs could take her before Ethan could lift her back.

"Why in the world do you need these?" Ethan asked as he took them out of the cart. Lauren looked back and frowned, running back over. And as Ethan went to put them back on the shelf, she screamed.

"Daddy!" She yelled. Ethan turned and looked down at her, tugging on his sweatpants. "No!" She yelled. Ethan grinned.

"How 'bout this," He started. Lauren looked up at him, still shaking her head. "You be a good girl and let daddy carry you, and we can buy this," He stated, holding the package up. Lauren frowned, crossing her arms.

"Match shirt," She said, pointing to her purple t-shirt. Ethan looked at the laxative's packaging and looked back at her.

"You want them because they match your shirt?" He asked. She nodded, tugging on his sweats. Ethan chuckled, and bent down to pick her up, to which she squealed. "Here, you can get this if you be a good girl, okay?" Ethan asked, handing her the package. She nodded, taking it from him.

Ethan sighed, shaking his head as she played with the box as they finished shopping, Lauren behaving just as promised. "Daddy finished?" She asked as they headed towards checkout. Ethan nodded, stopping in line.

"All done," He told her, as it became their turn in line. Ethan put all their stuff on the belt- including the pack of nuts Lauren couldn't eat and her marshmallows y/n was going to let her have. "I need this, princess," Ethan said, pointing to her box of laxatives. Lauren frowned.

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