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Chase's P.O.V

I stood in the hallway as i watched the most important thing in my life slip away.
I cursed under my breath when she was no longer in sight.
I turned around and walked towards Cynthia's room. I walked in to see Cynthia sprawled across the bed. She looked up at me a sly smile plastered on her face. I ignored her and looked around the room for my stuff.

"What you are you doing?" Cynthia asked

I brushed off her questions and continued to look around. I checked my pockets and realized i didn't have my phone.
"damnit" i growled

"Chase! What are you doing?" Cynthia demanded

"Leaving." i said walking out.
I walked towards my room and inserted the key in the lock when i opened the door i saw Anthony and Payton waiting on the beds.
The looked up at me, with disgusted looks on their faces.

"Where's kenzie?" Anthony asked while glaring at me

"I don't know, she just left." i replied while walking over to the counter and grabbing my phone. I tried calling Kenzie but every time it went straight to voicemail.

"she's not answering." i sighed

"well i probably wouldn't won't to respond to someone who cheated on me either." Payton hissed

"look, i know i fucked up, but we need to find Kenzie. Can we just please focus on that, then you guys can lecture me later," I said frustrated

"fine, we'll help, but this isn't over," payton responded

"and keep in mind we're doing this for kenzie, not for you." Anthony added

I nodded, and continued calling her number. I saw payton and Anthony typing and figured they were doing the same thing, trying to reach her.

As i was typing a message to Kenzie i got a new notification

@tiktoktea tagged you in a post

I tapped on the notification and was taken to their page.

liked by 207,315 users @tiktoktea; Photos of Chase and Cynthia kissing have been leaked, and after seeing Chase's post i guess it's safe to say Chase and Kenzie are no longer dating

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liked by 207,315 users
@tiktoktea; Photos of Chase and Cynthia kissing have been leaked, and after seeing Chase's post i guess it's safe to say Chase and Kenzie are no longer dating. Looks like our beloved Chase Hudson is a cheater. Not surprised though, a girl like Kenzie can't keep a guy like Chase for long. I'm team Cynthia, what about you guys?
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@user2 i think you spelled kenzie wrong😶

@user aw poor kenzie, she deserves better
@luvanthony yeah, she really does 😔

@cynthiaparkerrr ....whoops....😏
@user3 Wow you and Kenzie used to be friends what's wrong with you!!!

@xlilhuddy everyone makes mistakes, this is definetly the worst i've ever made. I didn't deserve Kenzie, and now i lost her.
@avaannii you're right, you didn't deserve Kenzie. 😠

@user4 When Chase said CHEATER i didn't feel that 😤🤚

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I looked down at the post my eyes in shock. I knew exactly who had "leaked" these photos.

"Cynthia," i huffed under my breath

When i looked up from my phone i saw Anthony, his fist clenched, and his jaw tight, his eyes were full of hatred and they were targeted towards me.
He got up from the bed he was sitting on and came up to me.

"You piece of shit" he said through gritted teeth

"i know i messed up but i-" i spoke but was interrupted my Anthony fist making contact with the left side of my face.

"Kenzie did nothing to deserve this. And if it wasn't for the fact that she's missing right now, i would be spending my time beating the living hell out of you, instead of sitting here cleaning up after the mess you made." Anthony stated before walking back to the bed.

I rubbed my already bruising face and looked back down at my phone. It was blowing up with angry fans and some fans who were confused with what was going on.

I ignored the comments and hate i was getting and continued looking for Kenzie for what felt like hours until i eventually got a call.
I could feel Anthony and Payton's eyes on me as i looked at the unknown number and then answered the call.

"hello, is this Chase hudson?" a lady asked on the other line

"Yes, I'm Chase, who are you?" i asked

"Hi, my names Linda, i'm a nurse at Banner hospital, we have a young girl here, who appears to have been in a car accident, and you were listed as one of her emergency contacts."

My breath hitched in my throat.

"I'll be there as fast as i can." i finally muttered out

"Ok, but just so you know she is currently undergoing surgery, so no matter how fast you get here it's still to early to say her medical state."

"ok, will i be able to see her?" i asked

"i don't think you want to hear my honest answer," linda paused and took a deep breath, "if she survives surgery, then you can see her, but right now it's not looking to good, she...lost a lot of blood."

I tear fell down my face. This was my fault, i was the reason she had been driving.

"I'm on my way." i stated and then ended the call.

I explained everything to Anthony and Payton as we waited for our uber outside the hospital since nobody else had their car.

The ride to the hospital felt like an eternity but eventually we made it.

All 3 of us rushed into the hospital and walked up to the front desk.
"we're here for Kenzie Matthews, the girl in the car accident," i stated to the receptionist

"oh, she's still in surgery, but you guys can wait here in the waiting room," she gestured towards some open seats.

We stayed there, sitting in those chairs for hours. Anthony and Payton had fallen asleep and i was started to doze off when i heard a doctor rush into the waiting room.

The doctor looked around the waiting room, until his eyes eventually met mine. His face was filled with sorrow and pity as he walked my way.

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